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Mona TUR Puppet.png
Campaigns The Unseen Rogues
SeasonsSeason One

"Hold on, let me get my pipe."
— Mona

Mona is a NPC Dwarf played by Rob that appeared in The Unseen Rogues. She is the leader of a group of teenage Dwarf thieves and comes from the Magician Old Country.



Mona is a female dwarf who appears to be middle-aged. She is a large woman, and wears a polka-dot dress with the sleeves rolled up. She has shoulder length, thick, dark, curly hair, with a few stray hairs poking out. She has round earrings and can often be seen with a pipe. Mona also has quite masculine features, as she has stubble on her face, and large, hairy arms that are exposed by her rolled up sleeves.


An aged, manipulative woman, Mona certainly hasn't survived through looks. Preferring to have those under her employ call her "grandma", she has orchestrated several successful heists in her time. As indicated by her raspy voice, Mona is never seen anywhere without her pipe, even having multiple on hand for any given moment. She is able to seamlessly transition between smooth talking, and threats. From her skills and years of experience, it's easy to see why she's the one in charge.

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  • [{Race / Dwarf}]



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The Unseen Rogues[edit]

Mona hires Neena Brando, Thea Mazing, Darius, and Nate Tack to steal an expensive vase from a local museum in order to pay her debt to Pitboss Omally. However when the vase breaks and her house is yet again under siege from Hat Rats (A regular occurrence mind you), she then tells her band to break into Omally's personal vault lead by turncoat Lester. The heist goes on without a hitch but the band returns to Mona's house to find Mona beaten senseless by Chase and Omally's gang. Despite being almost killed by Thea on Omally's command, she survives and the band are able to defeat Omally, although Darius and Lester were killed in the fight.


After defeating Omally, Mona and Thea took their respective shares and moved back to the old country, where Mona will presumably retire.


  • Rob had a running joke in The Unseen Rogues where whilst a conversation was occurring with Mona, she would occasionally say 'Hold on, let me get my pipe,' leave the screen for a second and return with a pipe in Mona's mouth.
    • The joke returned in The Zarlin Catacombs, when Fantastico Fabioso received a Wriggly Wench, and Rob used Mona's puppet to represent her, before saying 'Hold on,' and leaving the screen, only to come back a moment later with a pipe.
  • In the Behind the Scenes video for The Unseen Rogues, Rob mentioned that if the Vampire Locket supporter event hadn't been activated, she would have played a much greater role in the final fight against Omally.