Morgana Marie

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Morgana Marie
GenderMale, formerly Female
  • Morgana Marie and her Magnificent Mammaries
  • Miss Mammaries
  • Morgan Marie
  • ActorDeadbones
    Campaigns The Zarlin Catacombs
    SeasonsSeason One Season Two

    "This is one fantastic adventure, we've run into so many weird things, this is the best day ever!"
    — Morgana Marie/Morgan Marie

    Morgana Marie, also known as Miss Mammaries, is a Scarred Gnome Magician played by Deadbones in The Zarlin Catacombs.



    Morgana Marie was a well endowed female Scarred Gnome with pale skin with light freckles, red eyes, ginger hair and pink lipstick. She wore a light purple dress with white frills and a purple bow tied around her waist. She had a wide brim purple sun hat with a purple bow on it, purple gloves, deep purple boots with white laces and a deep purple Bag of Holding. She kept Prism between her exceptionally large breasts, with her left breast having an arrow wound in it.

    When in her male form, Morgana Marie became a male Scarred Gnome with a lanky stature, pale skin with light freckles, red eyes, ginger hair and a beard of short length. He wears a purple three piece suit, consisting of a white button up shirt with a deep purple tie, a purple vest and dress pants, and a light purple jacket. He wears a smaller purple hat with a purple strap, deep purple shoes with white laces and a deep purple Bag of Holding. After his transformation, Prism was said to have traveled with Morgana's "well endowments," and travelled to be at the crotch of his pants.


    Morgana is cheerful and excitable, anxious to discover new things. She is curious regarding the 'sexually devious' behavior of the Grand Paladin Order.

    She also has a careless and selfish attitude towards other beings, showing disregard for any ethics related to bringing long-dead spirits back into life as her slaves, forcing them to do things against their will and then dispelling them when they bore her. This apparent heartlessness is conducted with a light attitude.

    She seems to be very materialistic, owning 3 pairs of Swift Feather Boots, and owning a large number of Treasures that she keeps in her Bag of Holding.

    Morgana didn't seem to be aware of how attractive she was, commenting on how she regularly sold out her shows, but only men and boys were in the audience, never women.

    Battle Style[edit]

    Morgana would regularly use her Regal Top Hat to cast many different spells at her opponents, but also played a largely support role, healing allies with Lay on Hands and helping to re-position them with Levitate.


    For the most part, Morgana's relationships with the other member of her party were purely professional, despite Morgana's generally (and unknowingly) flirtatious nature.


    Alpha Wolf, No-Eye Bromas appeared to be somewhat protective of her, wanting to protect the upstanding woman from the overtly sexual activities of the Fabiosos. Marie respected Bromas' leadership and valued his input.


    At first, Morgana was extremely surprised at Sergio's overly sexual nature, commenting on how she thought Paladins behaved differently, and Bromas would often try to get her to avert her gaze so as to not have to watch him perform these acts. Their relationship seemed to get especially tense when Sergio used Infautation on her and Raynel, and attempted to engage in the same sexual activities that he would perform with Fantastico. This led to Morgana whispering into Sergio's ear a very serious threat, before walking away.

    However, after being transformed by the large Robots, Morgana had a change of heart, as he was experiencing many new feelings. Sergio, now a female Elf, used this as an opportunity for the two to explore their new bodies together, and Morgana eventually became her new concubine.

    Their relationship did not seem to be very deep, however, as after Morgana died falling into the chasm of the Beenu Warmachine, Sergio seemed to be able to get over it very quickly, propositioning Raynel to become his new concubine.

    Character Inventory[edit]

    Powers & Abilities Belongings


    • [{Race / Gnome}]
    • [{Class / Magician}]
    • [{Cornerstone / Fortunate}]
    • [{Attribute / Well Endowed}]


    • [{Passive / Bag of Holding}]
    • [{Passive / Emerald of Persistence}]
    • [{Passive / Swift Feather Boots}]


    • [{Magician / Encore}]
    • [{Magician / Regal Top Hat}]
    • [{Paladin / Lay On Hands}]
    • [{Puppeteer / Soul Puppet}]
    • [{Spell Scroll / Levitate}]
    • [{Treasure / Holy Canteen}]

    Former Abilities[edit]

    • [{Treasure / Hypnoring}]
    • Bladeturn


    • [{Armor / Studded Armor}]

    Former Belongings[edit]

    • Arcane Signet



    The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One[edit]

    Morgana Marie was seen being introduced to the relics in the lobby by J.J. Upon mention of the Zarlin Catacombs underneath the tower, she expresses her interest in exploring the place, claiming she has always wanted to go there. When J.J. tells her she is not allowed to enter the catacombs, she bribes him to join the Paladin expedition.

    She casts Lascene out of her hat to disappear into the Zarlin Catacombs, shifting J.J. in front of the elves and changing everyone's poses in the process.

    The Zarlin Catacombs[edit]

    Morgana Marie was escorted by Bromas, Raynel and Fantastico from the Paladin Order, as well as Fantastico's master Sergio, on a tour of the Zarlin Catacombs. On their journey, they discovered many things about the now-extinct Beenu race who used to inhabit the catacombs, including some of their technology, in the form of Robots and Elemechs.

    At one point, Morgana was even able to use the spell Spirit Vessel to temporarily resurrect some of the spirits of the deceased Beenu in the catacombs, which entertained her greatly. She also encountered a small Gemling named Prism, who she became friends with, and who aided the group on their expedition.

    Raynel ended up separated from the group, however, as she went to get help, the rest of the party was forced to fight three large robots that had the power to permanently alter their appearance, abilities, and items, and in spite of the changes, they managed to overcome their adversaries. However, Morgana had been transformed into a man, and, as she, or rather he, felt confused, the now female Elf Sergio decided that the two should "explore their new bodies together," leading to him becoming Sergio's concubine.

    Shortly after this, Bromas, now a Kobold, became possessed by a Cursed Muddy Billhook, causing him to think himself the leader of a group of Gorgons, and threatening to steal and eat Prism. Fantastico's quick thinking led him to use his Hurricane Bracer to wipe out the army and return Bromas to normal, but the group then had no way to escape the room they were in. Thinking themselves trapped, they eventually came into contact with the Divine Being Glamourous, who had just woken up from a 5000 year nap. After befriending him, he let them leave the room, and the group was on their way out of the catacombs.

    However, on their exit , they came face-to-face with the Beenu Warmachine. It proved to be a formidable foe, but with a lot of teamwork and a stroke of luck, as Morgana used the fruit he picked up to deactivate its shields, they managed to force it to retreat. Unfortunately, as Morgana went to throw the rest of his fruit at it, he slipped into the chasm below, to his death.


    Morgana fell into the abyss in the Zarlin Catacombs while attempting to kill the Beenu Warmachine by dumping a bunch of rotten apples on it, causing him to fall to his death (it was later blamed on new testosterone). Prism and Steven the Pot Puppy (now inside a Soul Puppet) survived the fall, but remain trapped at the bottom of the chasm.


    • Morgana was the original character to be featured on the Enchanter's class cards in Season 2, despite canonically being a Magician. She was replaced with Lola van Drych for Season 3's Enchanter class cards.
    • Morgana shares the last name and race of Bertha Marie and Jessabelle Marie. It is unknown if they share any connection.