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I OBJECT The following page contains information that is Tentative Canon, take everything with a grain of salt! But wait!

This page is a collection of Nader's Book Pages which contain information about the realms' history, characters and lore. The pages are written in an elven language which has been translate below. Credtis go to Weslid for translating and putting the pages together.

The Grand Paladin[edit]

Pages Gwyneth&Golestandt.jpg

Page TheGrandPaladin.jpg

These pages first appeared in the The Grand Paladin Order teaser video and introduces the concept of Nader's Pages. Information about Gwyneth's mother Gwyndolin Sunsword, the story of her Duskblade and the ritual needed to become the Grand Paladin are revealed.

The Final Talon[edit]

Pages Final Taloon.jpg

These pages first appeared in the last episode of Azveltara Z at the end of Fighting Power 8. Information about Final Talon, one of the Great Halls created by the Beenu, as well as the Sandbolds and their fate are revealed.

Band of Thieves[edit]

BoT Nader Page.png

These pages first appeared in the first video of Nader's Unforgotten Tales. In these two pages Nader reveals some of his thoughts on the characters that appeared in Band of Thieves.

Nader's Bookshelf[edit]

Nader's Bookshelf.jpg

This bookshelf first appeared in the first video of Nader's Unforgotten Tales. While Nader is reciting the story of Band of Thieves, a shot can be seen showing a bookshelf. The labels of these books are in Elven, however they appear to mostly spell out names for former Campaigns, which relates to how Nader is reading the story of Band of Thieves from one of his books. While many of these books are named after Campaigns that have already been seen, some aren't, and so could be hints at future stories, though it is uncertain that all, or any will be used.

Note: The titles of these books have been capitalized and had punctuation added where appropriate

Shelf Book Titles