Nikers Fontain

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Nikers Fontain
Campaigns Unexpected Discovery

Nikers Fontain is a Dvergr played by Rob in Unexpected Discovery and Den of Devils.



Nikers Fontain is a Dvergr. He has a large beard, lots of body hair, but, is balding. He wears a strange eye patch, has a piercing on his left ear, a large backpack with a map strapped to the side of it a bandana going around his neck and a belt with a strange rune on it.



Powers & Abilities[edit]


Sorcerer Abilities[edit]




  • A large hand-cannon


  • [{Supplies / Burn Heal}]



Unexpected Discovery[edit]

Den of Devils[edit]

Nikers returns to the dragon lair along with the surviving members of the Guild of Explorers. He shares few words with the mercenaries during the mission, but his actions in battle are highly notable.

In combat, Nikers is shown to be highly capable, especially when faced against the first Whelpling of the lair. Aside from dealing damage with his hand cannon, Nikers has also assumed the role of protecting the lives of his teammates, and frequently risks his own life to get in the way of the dragonfire.

Thanks to the efforts of Nikers, he very likely saved the lives of several of his teammates. After the battle ended, Nikers used one of the whelpling's talons to help craft a new peg leg for Duke Daring.

Nikers was also helpful while fighting the Flame Spookies and the Dragonflies, using the hand cannon to deal substantial damage in each battle.

During the final encounter with more powerful Whelplings, Nikers continued to use his strategy, constantly getting in the way of fire breath attacks, and his efforts greatly contributed to the amount of people who would leave the lair alive.

Even when Nisovin opened the escape portal, Nikers continued to shield his team from the dragonfire. In the end, however, the repeated attacks began to take a toll, and it wasn't long before the whelplings became far too overwhelming for him.


While being cornered by the Dragons, Nikers attempts to shield everyone by turning into stone form to block the Fire Breath. Unfortunately, he was too slow, and although partially blocking it, he was killed by the blast.


  • Nikers' name is based off of a nickname Rob has for Sixelona, who is an animator for the show.