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Nimbus Cloud.png
Race Nimbus
Hostile No
Affiliations Their creator
Capable of Speech Yes
Weakness Unknown
First Appearance Kobold Headhunters

A Nimbus (plural Nimbi) is a sentient cloud summoned by a Monk-class character that helps and defends them and their allies.


Kobold Headhunters[edit]

In Kobold Headhunters, Romulus was a monk and chose to make his deceased Granddaddy his Nimbus. After failing to kill Omally, the grandfather stopped helping Romulus, instead opting to pretend to have moved on while shouting angrily from the sky.


Nimbi resemble clouds and float after their creators until they are instructed to act. They are created with the dead body of someone close to the Monk creating them.


Once per turn, a Nimbus may intervene in combat by moving an enemy 1 space. Otherwise, they can move around the board freely. They do not have a token on the board because of this.

Notable Examples[edit]


  • Nimbus refers to a type of cloud, meaning: Fluffy.
  • The Nimbus species might be a reference to the Dragon Ball Nimbus.
  • A Nimbus does not gain the ability to talk if it couldn't talk before it died.
  • The Nimbus was originally an ability for the Monk class, but was later turned into a passive for the class, then turned back into an ability for the Monk Class.