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Capable of SpeechThey can speak the Common tongue, however seem to be impaired in proper speech.
Campaigns The Sunswords

Ogres are large and strong two-headed creatures that first appeared in The Sunswords.


Ogres are large, humanoid beings with two heads. Each head appears to be able to think independently, and they may have individual personalities, but still behave as one entity, as the heads don't seem to fight or oppose one another in any way. Each head also seems to have different abilities. The Ogre in The Blood Snake Queen had one 'smart' head that was a Wizard, who was able to speak fluently, and a 'dumb' head that seemed to speak in broken sentences, pointing out the obvious and drooling when idle.

Powers & Abilities[edit]

Companion Abilities[edit]

  • [{Companion / Ogre}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Dual Personality}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Doom Clock}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Spellproof}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Mighty Club}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Mighty Squeeze}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Double Spell}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Ogre Magic}]


The Blood Snake Queen[edit]


After defeating the pack of Wolves, Slippery Knuckles Malone and his mercenaries spotted an Ogre sitting a rock, in the middle of their path to the bridge that led them to their destination, and noticed that one of the heads was clearly a Wizard, with a wizard hat and glasses. They formulated a plan that involved Dob using Disguise to pretend to be an Ogre, whilst the others snuck past. Dob was able to disguise himself, but the Ogre was smart enough to see through it, recognising him to be a fake. Then, as Emit Crank tried to sneak past him, he accidentally stubbed his toe, making a sound that alerted the Ogre to his presence, causing him to cast a Pyroblast at him.

Dob was able to diffuse the situation by complimenting the Funk that the Ogre had, at which point the Ogre offered to sell it to him for 1000 gold, telling him that he wanted to move away, but couldn't until he had sold the Funk. Dob and Emit agreed to buy it, which prompted the Ogre to ask them some questions to make sure that they were suitable owners. Dob told him that he was a Bard, and sang him a song, but this didn't impress him, so he asked Emit about himself. Emit told him that he was a wanderer, displeasing the Ogre, who then asked him what a Funk eats, to see if he would be a suitable owner. Emit answered 'Nuts,' but the Ogre revealed that it was actually a trick question, as they don't eat anything.

The Ogre dismissed the duo, but, as SK heard this, he interrupted, again surprising the Ogre, causing him to shoot arcane bolts at him and Belladona. SK cleared up the misunderstanding, telling the Ogre that Emit wasn't unemployed, but was a mercenary, and had helped to kill the pack of wolves earlier, which pleased him, as the wolves had been trying to eat his Funk for some time. The Ogre then told them that he would be happy to sell them the Funk, for 3000 gold, which confused Dob, who he had told earlier that it would cost 1000 gold. However, SK and Belladona wanted to know why he was selling the Funk, causing the Ogre to question whether he wanted to sell it or keep it. As the Ogre thought about it, Dob Charmed the Funk, and had it run off into the forest, causing the Ogre to run after it, letting the party continue on their journey.

Okagnoma Guild Hall[edit]

In the final battle of Okagnoma Guild Hall the party encounters a Believer created by Nisovin that had taken the from of the 2 headed ogre known as Dalfgan. It is said that Dalfgan is a son of Yvander, the dragon aspect of ice.

Contrary to most 2 headed ogre wizards, Dalfgan's both heads are intelligent and in perfect sync, a trait that allows him to cast creation magic, the kind of magic dragons wield, making him an enormus threat.

Upon The Students of Okagnoma Guild Hall's appearance in his domain, Dalfgan was simply reading a copy of Boyfriend Quest. He only looked up once Thomas approached him, who offered him some E.X.P., but Dalfgan declined. Thomas inquired about his book, but then Dalfgan lashed out at Thomas, but the barrier containing him held him back. Dalfgan was rather annoyed when Thomas spoiled the ending of the book, however, when Buzz Dinglefizz approached him, Dalfgan turned back happily, as he recognized Buzz as a Believer too. After Buzz's return to the group, Nisovin told the students their challenge, and promptly left. Dalfgan broke free of his barrier, and started heading towards the group.

Dalfgan summoned many Frost Stones and Cold Fog onto the battlefield, even killing some of the students, including Buzz, who had accidentally cast Lay on Hands onto Dalfgan previously. Half way through this battle, Nisovin reappeared, and opened a portal for the students to escape through. Many of them ran through to presumed safety, but Lola van Drych stayed, reflecting a frost icicle back at Dalfgan again and again, weakening him. As Lola went in for a final blow, however, Dalfgan's power as Yvander's Disciple activated, causing him to grow in power. As he did so, the room turned black, and the students awoke in their classroom, as Nisovin ended his illusion.

The Sunswords[edit]

An Ogre guarded the bridge the party tried to cross over on their way to the Silvermine Mountains. In exchange for allowing them to pass, he wanted a Tambok Ticket. However, with both Kallark Gandolin and Xavius Barringster unwilling to give up their ticket, and Gwyneth unwilling to fight the Ogre as a result of thinking them to be immune to magic, the group struggled to get past. In the end, however, the Ogre appeared to have a seizure, allowing them to push him into the water to get past.

The Cobblers[edit]

Grumsworth is a male Ogre, and Eliza Cobbler's personal butler, following her, and her family, around on their Goblin-exterminating adventures.

The Skeleton King[edit]

Notable Examples[edit]


  • The seizure that the Ogre in The Sunswords experienced was a result of Rob trying to use 2 puppets at the same time, by having the Ogre puppet stuck in its talking animation.
  • A Supporter Event in The Sunswords would have caused the Ogre to stop talking and start attacking the party.
    • Activating this event would have meant that Ogres would become a playable race in the next campaign. However, as this didn't occur, they didn't become a playable race.
  • It was revealed in the Behind the Scenes video that the Wizard Ogre in The Blood Snake Queen was actually intended to be the main boss, but this wasn't seen in the campaign as the players were able to use diplomacy and distractions to avoid the fight.
  • Two headed Ogres in which one head is a Spellcaster, while the second head is braindead, is known as an "Ogregation".
  • It is possible that Ogres can float on water, as seen in the seizure-d ogre in The Sunswords campaign.
  • It has been hinted that Ogres were created by the Dragon Aspect Yvander, or one of her Divine Children did. This however has not been said at the table, so it is not canon as of yet.