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This article is about the Season 2 Campaign. For the Location, see Okagnoma Guild Hall (Location).

Season 2
Air Date: June 11th, 2016
Okagnoma Guild Hall
Murder Bros

Okagnoma Guild Hall is the second campaign of URealms Season 2, and it originally aired on June 11th, 2016. The Okagnoma Guild Hall is a Mage College where many Gnomes come to learn the ways of Wizardry and Magic. With some of the most eccentric and powerful Gnome Professors in all of the realms, students who attend this college often leave either as a powerful mage or dead as it is also the college with the highest accidental mortality rates.



Character Race Class Player
Buzz Dinglefizz Icon.png Buzz Dinglefizz Gnome Believer Sorcerer Justin
Lola van Drych Icon.png Lola van Drych Gnome Enchanter Deadbones
Suzanna Sophia Sorrella Icon.png Suzanna Sophia Sorrella Gnome Witch Coestar
Thomas Icon.png Thomas Keen Suncleric Roamin


Character Race Class
Professor Islantee Icon.png Professor Islantee Gnome
Professor Spydly Spyderson Icon.png Professor Spydly Spyderson Gnome
Nisovin Icon.png Professor Nisovin Keen Wizard
Professor Duncan Icon.png Professor Duncan Gnome
Bernardo Fabioso Icon.png Bernardo Fabioso Gnome
Bertha Marie Icon.png Bertha Marie Gnome
Finicky Doolips Icon.png Finicky Doolips Gnome
Jezebel Cake Icon.png Jezebel Cake Gnome
Jonathan Blant Icon.png Jonathan Blant Gnome
Luma Pie Icon.png Luma Pie Gnome
Reggie Feverbottom Icon.png Reggie Feverbottom Gnome
Robbie Rob Bobertson Icon.png Robbie "Rob" Bobertson Gnome
Alessa Stonemason Icon.png Alessa Stonemason Dwarf Ranger
Dalfgan Icon.png Dalfgan Two Headed Ogre Believer
Bumbley Icon.png K4 Dwarf Believer Warrior
Steve I Icon.png Steve I Porc
Belladona von Feingart Icon.png Belladona Anka Munchsen von Feingart Keen Sorcerer
Dob Icon.png Dob Porc Bard
Emit Crank Icon.png Emit Crank Dvergr Warrior
Slippery Knuckles Malone Icon.png Slippery Knuckles Malone Keen Berserker

Battle Encounters[edit]


The adventure starts with the four heroes in class with Professor Islantee who was reading the book The Many Gobos of Pat. He then asks the students questions about the book, awarding students with points for correct answers. Islantee then has the heroes battle a two headed Bullogre which during the course of the battle grows a third head and learns to cast wizard spells.

Lore Established[edit]

Major Lore[edit]

  • The events of this campaign play out.
  • All characters listed above (except Nisovin, Bumbley, and SK Malone's crew) are introduced, most notably Dalfgan.
    • There are several Gnome student characters introduced who share surnames with various other established Gnome and Keen characters. However, there is no evidence that links any of the students to the respective characters.
  • Creation Magic is introduced.
  • The following beast species were introduced: Bullogre.
  • The city of Okagnoma, and The Okagnoma Guild Hall are established.
  • The Realm of Shadows is established. This realm holds a dungeon which imprisons Dalfgan, guarded by the Sunsword family.
  • The process in which Porcs are created is showcased.
    • This process was first explained by a nameless Porc in Porc Hunters, but it was not established as lore because it was not seen to have happened.
  • Believers are introduced.
  • The way in which certain parts of history and science are taught at the Okagnoma Guild Hall is established.
  • The Many Gobos of Pat, previously believed to be canon, was retconned. The events of the campaign were established to be the story of a novel that exists within the realms.
  • The concept of Gold and Magic being synonymous is introduced.

Minor Lore[edit]

  • The books A Buzz Life, and The Many Gobos of Pat are introduced.
  • More information about Blood Snake Queens is revealed.

Timeline Placement[edit]

  • As with all campaigns, this takes place after The Senate of Deadlantis Acts 2 and 3.
  • The second combat encounter of Okagnoma Guild Hall takes place at the same time as the final combat encounter of The Blood Snake Queen.
  • Many characters reference Boyfriend Quest. Therefore, The Sunswords must predate Okagnoma Guild Hall


  • Several bits of lore are explained during this campaign, but this does not establish them as official lore, as very much of it is merely explained by the characters. For example, Professor Spydly explained that Thor created the Kobold race, but this only establishes how this bit of history is taught at Okagnoma Guild Hall. It can not be used to establish confirmed facts about the universe.
  • Buzz Dinglefitz is a known Believer, so his appearance in this campaign does not necessarily link him with any other future apperances of this character.
  • There is reason to believe that the Nisovin who appeared in this campaign may be a Believer, so his appearance should not be used to link this campaign with any other event in the timeline.

Episode Guide[edit]

Title Airdate
Class Preview Jun 9, 2016
Character Creation - Episode 0 Jun 10, 2016
Episode 1 Jun 12, 2016
Episode 2 Jun 12, 2016
Episode 3 Jun 12, 2016
Episode 4 Jun 13, 2016
Episode 5 Jun 13, 2016
Episode 6 Jun 13, 2016
Episode 7 Jun 14, 2016
Episode 8 Jun 14, 2016
Finale - Episode 9 Jun 14, 2016
Behind the Scenes Jun 16, 2016
Campaign Playlist

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Supporter Events[edit]

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Card Quests[edit]

Donation Block Ability Cards Lore Cards Legendaries
Diversifying your Class
Bullogre Bullogre The Cowgirl Gunstaff
The Science of Magic Wormhole
Field Trip Blood Snake

Blood Cobra

Giant Blood Cobra

Blood Snake Queen

Blood Snake Queen, Part 1

Blood Snake Queen, Part 2

Extra Class
History of Dalfgan Dalfgan Dalfgan, Part 1

Dalfgan, Part 2


  • This is the first campaign where all the players had the same race, but all different subraces.
    • This is also the first campaign to have a character with a subrace from an entirely different race then their own.
  • This is the first campaign to have a character be a Believer.
    • This is also the first campaign to have a Believer take the form of a character from a different campaign.
  • Slippery Knuckles Malone and his band of mercenaries had a short cameo in the Blood Snake Queen encounter.
  • Professor Islantee and Professor Spydly Spyderson are characters from the original "Unforgotten Realms" series, while Professor Duncan is a reference to Harry Potter's Severus Snape. It should be noted that the other professors were in episodes that also parodied Harry Potter.
  • Roamin is the 7th person to get through a campaign with a Tambok Ticket intact.