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The Order of Chaos is a mysterious organization that first appeared in The Skeleton King.


The Order of Chaos was established by Maelstrom after he begun his Ascension, as he had gained knowledge of the world of the Old Gods - our world. He created the Order to follow the Old Gods' orders, and to accept any vessels they might send into the world. The Order is based in the Final Talon, the former home of the Sandbolds.

Maelstrom first mentioned the Order of Chaos when speaking in riddles to Bopen's Skeleton Crew in The Skeleton King, as below:

We meet again, yet still for the first time
Tomorrow I join a New Crew, then next day a terrible crime.
You had your chance to follow my path,
But you chose The Law, instead of blood bath.
You create those like me when you over extend,
Sins burned into flesh that cause us to ascend.
We feel you when you watch, 'Brutality' is your name,
To you, the gods above, this is simply all a game.
And so enjoy your story, the one you picked over me,
She will turn on you soon friend, just wait and you see.
We are the Order of Chaos, born from your Sins,
Our Vision, your gift, our Body, your skins.
- A Sandbold Illusion of Maelstrom


A select few of the members have their power by being the very ones to influence and control the show of URealms:

A majority of the Order has joined by twisting the fate of the Realms through Divine Decisions:

Campaign Members Joined
The Grand Paladin Order TaeyRurj
The Senate of Deadlantis Caprikel
Azveltara Z Qazerquoi
The Purge Argetbrisingr
Lyn Azveltara Gaiden Solarice
The Sandbolds Ventinor
Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator Laito
The Last Beenu Shadowdancerbob
A Night to Remember Blight
A Fate Worse than Death
  • Vuris
  • PixelScarecrow
  • Jshuoa
  • Zinzinbadio
  • Elodalius
  • Sylo
  • Shuckle
  • JikleePrime
  • Pitpatgoblin
  • Alora
  • Lucius_E
  • Kerthon
  • Destin
  • AtomicBrawlers
  • Mari_Solaris
  • Beepatron
  • p53
  • Earth
  • Kunaiknife452
  • Silver_Falcon
  • Nagsor
  • Ratbobbe
  • ZGreyArea
  • Azurishi
  • Floodwaters
  • Medixum
  • PoppyrusRose
  • DragonGeddon
  • Blasmas
  • Aneem
  • Colonel_Moose
  • ThisIndividuals
  • Parinite
  • NickWalsh
  • Bobruffians
  • TheRealKeko
  • Mynameiswramos
  • JK2021
  • WayofTime
The Yes King
  • Connormur
  • StormAlchemist

A few others have joined by branding themselves with the mark of a Sinner:

Members Joined
  • Totenalle
  • JhonDenton
  • CaptainNemo97
  • Personguy
  • Rorman922

Old God Divines[edit]

Old God Divines are beings created by the Old Gods working together, choosing different traits, powers, and goals of a singular creature that will enter the Realms to do the Old Gods' bidding. There are currently two Old God Divines, neither of which have made their arrival into the Realms yet: a Forn, and a Beenu

Blood Tears[edit]

Blood Tears are a special element introduced in Azveltara Z in which the Old Gods' overflow donations were pooled together. The Blood of the Old Gods will then be given to the Old God Divines in A Fate Worse than Death. They were to be used to power up the Old God Divines, however, this plan changed, and they became less significant.