Orvan Weiss

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Orvan Weiss
Orvan Weiss MB Puppet.png
AffiliationFormerly: The Murder Bros
AliasWeiss, Dead-Eye
Campaigns Murder Bros

Orvan Weiss, also known as Dead-Eye, is an Ancient Noble Born Elf Spellthief played by Deadbones in Murder Bros and Buckeroos. Weiss has lived since the Hatching and constantly resets his life cycle by ingesting Silver Scales from Dragon Aspects. He recently joined the Murder Bros in an effort to steal more scales.



Orvan Weiss is an older male Elf with thin hair and a muscular figure and a notable missing eye covered by a patch. Weiss wears a heavily weighted poncho that masks his body shape, an old brimmed hat with a feather from an unknown source and tends to smoke from a magic pipe.

Once Weiss uses the Silver Scales from Dragon Aspects, he suddenly becomes much younger.


Weiss is a very curious Ancient Elf, having been around since ancient times. Weiss is very interested in all of the new creatures in the world besides the Highbears and Elves, to the point where he is fond of the Kobolds due to their many biological and personality quirks. He is also shown to be very loyal to those he deems associates, following orders very easily and without argument. The only exception to this rule is killing children.

Weiss also is very sensitive about his missing eye, refusing magic medical treatment to heal it. When asked, he will very quickly deny the service saying that it is a reminder of something.


Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Elf}]
  • [{Class / Spellthief}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Wanted}]
  • [{Attribute / Ancient}]


  • [{Passive / Hatezen Fury}]


  • [{Bandito / The Cartel}]
  • [{Berserker / Cleave}]
  • [{Booty Raider / Coin of Providence}]
  • [{Spellslinger / Showdown}]
  • [{Spellthief / Dissolve Magic}]
  • [{Witch / Lotus Blast}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Weapon / Elaphelk Horn Staff}]
  • [{Spellthief / Spellbinder Dagger}]
  • [{Armor / Spellplate}]

Former Belongings[edit]



Orvan Weiss has been around since the Hatching of the Realm, and during that time he was very unhappy. Being the type of Elf that enjoyed stealing and doing what he wanted against everyone else, he found himself unsatisfied by the general acceptance of the utopian society. Once the Birth of Magic happened, Weiss left the Elves and journeyed around this new world, experiencing all of the new creatures and magic he could while stealing and being a known criminal all the while.

Weiss is even said to have experienced brief time inside of a cell in the Silvermine Mountains. Weiss also enjoyed some time around the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, but never actually climbed it.

Murder Bros[edit]

Orvan Weiss first meet up with the Murder Bros in a tavern in the town of Silverflats. There, he gave the leader Empusa information regarding a shipment of Silver Scales arriving by train. He joined forces with the gang to steal the magical scales, and assisted them in gaining the information about the train schedule from the towns folk. However after heavily drinking E.X.X.X.P. Ale, the group barely arrives at the information and stumbles out of the bar.

They make their way to intersect the pathway of an arriving carriage which is said to have the schedule, but is gaurded by the Sunswords. Weiss is then disguised to distract the Sunswords long enough for the rest of the members to jump them from behind. However, as they inact their plan, they suffer from the hallucinogenic properties of E.X.X.X.P. Ale, and believe they are fighting a large tentacle monster that formed from the carriage. Having believed to have "defeated" the Carriage, they snap out of their hallucination and investigate the carriage with Empusa. They find a young Gnome girl who happens to be from the wealthy family of the Maries, Jessabelle Marie. Upon arguing with Conner about whether or not to kill the young gnome girl, they decide to drag her back to the town, where they find that the town is very aware that they are the infamous Murder Bros.

Weiss joined Johnny Feo and Empusa in attacking the Tavern from a damaged hole in the while, while Borracho, Bubs and Tubs distracted the bulk of the townsfolk from the middle of town. Once they defeated most of the citizens and members of Sheriff Hardrock's forces, the Murder Bros gather their forces at one end of the town, while the Sheriff gathers his remaining members at the other. However, Johnny eliminated nearly 80% of the Sheriff's forces, causing them to retreat into the Train Station before being surrounded and eventually gunned down by the Murder Bros.

The gang then ride off on their Groundbolds attempting to catch the train with the shipment of Silver Scales, however they suffer from one last hallucination from the E.X.X.X.P. Ale. They now believe that the Train is a living entity attempting to kill them. They unload as much magic and physically power they can to "defeat the Train," which results in the hallucination wearing off and the real train to derail from the damage. The gang then take out the remaining members of the Sunswords while freeing Chimera the Kobold. The bandits have taken the train.



As The Murder Bros are being arrested, Orvan managed to slip into the shadows, completely finished with banditing, and slipped away without being noticed by anyone.


  • Deadbones' character was originally an Elder Goblin, as elves were not an available choice during that campaign, but due to the Ancient attribute, his race was switched to a Noble Born Elf.
    • Had the Ancient attribute not been drawn, this would have been the first Elder Goblin character to appear in a campaign.
  • "Orvan" means "Spear Friend" while "Weiss" is the German word for "White" or "Knows".
  • In the final fight of Buckeroos, between The Murder Bros and The Law, Orvan was the only Murder Bro to be played by a Player.
  • Orvan was the original character to be featured on the Spellthief's class cards in Season 3.