Papi Pombo

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Papi Pombo
Campaigns Unexpected Discovery
"I can't believe they sent you! The Legendary Archer... Karl!"
— Papi Pombo

Papi Pombo is a Porc Bandito played by Rob in Unexpected Discovery, and was activated by a supporter event. He was a member of the Guild of Explorers but he was kicked out and formed a group of bandits. Papi died to a Whelpling inside of a Vlaurunga Dragon Den.



Papi Pombo is a Porc of unusually large size. He has a small beard, sideburns, tusks, and a scar on his right cheek. He wears a sombrero, has two piercings on his right eyebrow, he has a small poncho over a shirt that reveals his stomach, and pants that have a belt. On his stomach going around his belly button is a tattoo that spells the words "PAPI".


Papi Pombo is a Porc with moderate intelligence, like other Porcs we have seen, he respects strength and will serve those who prove their strength.


Karl Landers[edit]

During the campaign, Karl proved his strength to Pombo by single handily killing six of his men, proving his strength to Pombo causing him to server him as his "High Master".


After telling his ghost story and one of the Porcs telling it to the others, Papi Pombo respected Denzik on his great storytelling and gave him a Tambok Ticket.

Powers & Abilities[edit]


Bandito Abilities[edit]

  • Mass Fiesta: Pull out some bottles of Porco Sangrio from the Realm of Holding and pass them out to all Characters on the Battlefield that fully restores Stamina and Shields. Until the end of combat, rolling a 2 or 3 also counts as a Critical Failure for all Characters on the Battlefield.
  • Super Siesta: All other Characters on the Battlefield are put to sleep. Every Character must roll to wake up using a Regular Action



  • A Steelbeak Bat
    • Pombo Pumble: Pombo swings his Steelbeak Bat at a Target dealing 10 Damage and Stuns them during there next round of combat preventing actions. Critical Failures will cause Pombo to break his Bat and spawn two Steelbeaks that will harass him until he gets a chance to tie them back to his bat.



Papi Pombo is a powerful Porc who many years ago built up his own herd of Porcs after being kicked out of the Guild of Explorers. Pombo's size is greater then most Porcs after being hit by an extremely powerful Enlarge spell that has still yet to wear off. Pombo is very bad with faces and so it is very easy to fool him into believing he already knows you.

Unexpected Discovery[edit]


Papi Pombo died whilst fighting a Whelping in a Vlaurnaga Dragon Den.

See Also[edit]


  • The supporter event to wake him up is a reference to the Pokemon Snorlax's Z move. [1] [2]