Pattenborrow's Mountain Home

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Pattenborrow's Mountain Home

Location Pattenborrow's Mountain Home.png
Home To Pattenborrow's Adopted Family
First Appearance The Many Gobos of Pat

Pattenborrow's Mountain Home is a homely cabin in an unknown mountain range next to a river and consisting of two floors. It has a study, kitchen, dining room, living room and four bedrooms, but no bathroom. Trees are scattered around the home and a stream is present.

Notable Events[edit]

The home was broken into by Dwarves and Ramsters in The Many Gobos of Pat campaign claiming to be part of the Paladin Order, leaving gaping holes in the walls on the ground floor. The house is currently unoccupied.

Dankie had tried to drown Scott in the nearby river however, Dankie was unsuccessful and Scott ran back to the house.