Penelope Saysong

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Penelope Saysong
Campaigns Woodcarvers
SeasonsSeason Two Season Three

Penelope Saysong is an Elf Bard and Ranger that appears in the Woodcarvers. She is a resident of the forest and a master tamer of Catapult Turtles.



Penelope has a large ponytail, and has many freckles on her face. She wears a jumper that she has joined below her chest, and has two bongos strapped to her hips.


Penelope is very helpful, aiding The Woodcarvers to cross Waldon Lake, and offering them advice to fight the Shroom Trent. While she cares for her own Turtles, she feels no remorse for instantly killing the wild Catapult Turtles in Waldon Lake.


Powers & Abilities[edit]


Bard Abilities[edit]

Ranger Abilities[edit]



  • Bow



Penelope lived in the forests surrounding Waldon with her three, tame Catapult Turtles. She knows the area quite well, and is both a skilled Bard and Ranger, possessing all of the available abilities for each class.


Penelope appears out of the forest as The Woodcarvers are struggling to decide how to cross Waldon Lake. She decides to offer some advice to the group to help them cross, by telling them to check the rocks before they jump, and she then promptly shoots her bow at the revealed Catapult Turtle, killing it instantly. Penelope then warns them of the danger of the lake, and commands her Catapult Turtles to help carry one of their companions across. She then quickly jumps between the rocks, and reaches the other side of the lake. When Vitali Zankovich joins her, he is whispered to by the Whisper Snake, and proceeds to then whisper to Penelope. Penelope turns aggressive towards the group, and heads back onto the frozen lake to shoot Alessa Stonemason. Alessa passes by her, and, upon reaching the edge of the lake, shoots Vitali when he has transformed into a flock of ravens. His Altuni Cloth activates, knocking Penelope out, but he later pulls he out from the lake, up to the shore, where she sits, recovering. When the group has all reached the other side of the lake, Penelope once again warns the group of the fight ahead, telling them not to split the Shroom Trent on purpose. Then, Penelope rushes into the forest, without the group knowing, leading them to believe she had betrayed them. Penelope arrives back in the clearing a few minutes later, surprised that they had begun to fight the Trent, as she had just gone to make more arrows. Penelope aids in the battle with the Trent, but after Golestandt destroys the town of Waldon, she quickly advises everyone to avoid breathing in the smoke, and run, before she herself runs off away from the town.


It is not known whether Woodcarvers or The Sandbolds Act 4 comes first in the timeline. If Woodcarvers is more recent, then Penelope was last seen running away from the decimated town of Waldon, back into the forest. If The Sandbolds Act 4 is more recent, then Penelope was last seen selling Catapult Turtles at Leopold Sunsword-Barringster's Ascension Party.


  • Rob revealed in the Behind the Scenes for the Woodcarvers campaign that Penelope Saysong was only added to serve as an extra roleplay character and someone to provide advice or a look at the Ranger class, if no one had picked it.
  • Rob also discussed how he intended for her to come off as nice and helpful, but after telling the players that she had gone into the forest for no reason, they believed she was a liar, and anti-party, so attempted to ignore her advice.
    • When she went off into the forest, Rob had intended for her to return with more Catapult Turtles, but instead she had only got more arrows.
  • Penelope is featured in the official "URealms - Tile Example" mod created by Rob for Tabletop Simulator.