Penwar Lockis

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Penwar Lockis

Race Dwarf
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Sorcerer
Gender Female
Affiliations Her family, George Clan

Inky, Blinky, Thanks, Cawks Stompulous

Alias Unknown
Status Unknown
Portrayed By Arin
First Appearance The Nuren Campaign

Penwar Lockis Jackson is a female Dwarf portrayed by the guest Arin in The Nuren Campaign. Penwar is the youngest daughter of Mike Jackson and a member of the George Clan.



The 27 year old Dwarf girl Penwar Lockis sees herself as a strong independent woman when in fact she is a disturbed young-adult with daddy issues. Her behavior is tolerated by her family and surroundings because, like most in her family, she has suffered domestic abuse by her father. To makes things worse she is also diagnosed with an intermittent explosive disorder which can only be calmed down by giving her Apple Juice. [1] Because of this she also has a tendency to set things on fire.

Powers & Abilities[edit]

Sorcerer Abilities[edit]


  • Bottles of apple juice.


The Nuren Campaign[edit]


According to Kormac, who was the last person to see her, Penwar died in the entrance to Bopen's lair, after being fatally thrown from Kormac's shoulders and into a wall by a Skeleton minion. However, since no body was ever found it is unclear if this is true.


  • Her relationship status is "complicated".[2] After her presumed death it's probably even more complicated.
  • She obtained the Rainbow Staff from Nisovin but gave it to Richard Lored after creating Randall.
  • Penwar Lockis was originally "Penis Warlock" however was later changed by Rob along with many other characters from The Nuren Campaign.