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RaceMoon Dragon God



AliasThe Moon

Phanto is a former Sun Dragon God, and the Moon above The Realms. Phanto was two of the original Dragon Aspects that created the Realms using Creation Magic. However, Phanto died and crystallized, which was mysteriously connected to the choices of the Old Gods. His death caused his corpse to become the Moon above the Realms and started the Birth of Magic.


Not much is known about Dragon God Phanto, but what is known is that he was born at the very beginning of The Great Hatching, along with Kallisto. During this time, both Kallisto and Phanto were Dragons of Light and had access to Creation Magic, creating the Realm in its first incarnation before the Birth of Magic. However, the Old Gods were involved in killing Phanto, causing him to crystallize. This void in magic catalyzed the Birth of Magic, causing every one of the Dragon Aspect children to gain dominion over a new school of magic and for pain to exist for the Elves, who Phanto had once protected with immortality. Phanto's lifeless body continues to float in orbit above the Realms and is known as the Moon. Due to the fact that Phanto is a Moon and not a Sun, there are 16 hour nights and 14 hour days in the Realms, rather than two 14 hour periods of light and one 2 hour period of darkness in each day, which was the case before the Birth of Magic.



  • Kallisto and Phanto aren't the only beings to be regarded as the creators of the Realm. The Old Gods, referenced in Meta by key characters, are also credited as creators of the Realms.