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AliasPete (Previous Name)
ActorRob, Deadbones
Campaigns Band of Thieves
SeasonsSeason One

Philhipé (/fɪlipe/), or Pete, was a Kobold Ranger who joined the party in Band of Thieves after he was hugged by Gracias.



Philhipé looks like a standard Kobold with brown tinted fur-like rock. He wears a crimson scarf loosely around his neck and a single eyepatch. The use of the eyepatch is to keep an eye dilated for when he must enter caves, or poorly lighted areas, meaning that it can be placed on either eye. He carries a Blunderbuss with him.

During his time with Yumi's Thieves, he trecked through a Blood Snake forest, and was critically shot in the leg via an accidental arrow from Gracias. Philhipé quickly killed and used the corpse of a Blood Snake to create a makeshift tourniquet around his wound that would have otherwise crippled him.


Philhipé is a rather laid-back Kobold, who is known for his combat skills and ability to advise the party. He is shown to be very work oriented, based on his relationship with his original kobold companions, and his general efficiency during combat.

Notable Attributes[edit]

Philhipé views his kobold rabies as a gift, and likes to bite others in order to share it with them. However, he always asks politely first.



Philhipé respected Yumi due to her leadership of the band of thieves, despite her generally low opinion of him.


Philhipé was treated rather poorly by Squinks due to the latter's distaste for kobolds.


Philhipé and Bumbley became friends, bonding over Bumbley's nickname K4.


Philhipé joined the band of thieves when Gracias decided to hug him rather than fight. The two grew closer throughout the adventure as Gracias made sure Philhipé was safe and treated as part of the group. Gracias gifted Philhipé his Snakehunter, which became the kobold's signature weapon.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Kobold}]
  • [{Class / Ranger}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Humble Beginnings}]
  • [{Attribute / Lucky}]


  • [{Passive / Kobold Rabies}]
  • [{Templar / Aura of Strength}]


  • [{Companion Ability / Holy Light EX}]
  • [{Ranger / Powershot}]
  • [{Ranger / Quickshot}]

Former Abilities[edit]

  • [{Paladin / Blessing of Strength}]
  • [{Suncleric / Holy Light}]


  • [{Weapon / Snakehunter}]

Former Belongings[edit]

  • [{Supplies / Snake Skin Bandages}]



Philhipé presumably lived a relatively normal Kobold life before being encountered in the Band of Thieves campaign, wearing an eye patch over left eye because he never developed natural Night Vision like other Kobolds, so he wore an eye-patch to keep one eye dilated and he thought he looked cooler. Philhipé was originally working under the Kobold boss prior to his encounter with Yumi's Band of Thieves.

Band of Thieves[edit]

During the campaign, Philhipé was originally friendly to Yumi's party before Bumbley, renamed to Dwarf Number Three by his companions, revealed his name and the rest of the Kobolds he was hanging around with engaged them in combat. Philhipé hung back during the fight, casting heals on his allies until Gracias decided in a radical turn of events that he would hug the Kobold rather than fight him.

Following a lengthy conversation and an attempt to give Gracias rabies by biting him (which he thought was a good thing), Philhipé and Gracias sat back and watched the fight instead. Following the end of the encounter, Philhipé opted to join the party. At this point, he was still called Pete, but wanted to be renamed. Yumi suggested Philhipé, claiming that Philhipé's original name should not be lost entirely, and the name stuck.

Philhipé proved his worth numerous times, showing cunning and guile where needed, and proving instrumental in the defeat of the Gemlord and the Cobra King. Despite not owning any treasures or items of his own, a gift Snakehunter from Gracias became his weapon of choice, which he was surprisingly accurate with despite his lack of depth perception.

Tragedy struck during a fight with Gwyneth Sunsword, Philhipé was separated from the group. He sacrificed himself in an attempt to save his friends, but in the process was rendered unconscious. After the rest of the party successfully escaped, he was imprisoned and transported to the Silvermine Mountains.


After being imprisoned in the Silvermine Mountains, Philhipé was killed by Gwyneth Sunsword.


  • Philhipé's previous name was Pete, however his original name is not known as the name "Pete" was given to him by the Kobolds.
  • Philhipé never used Blessing of Strength during Band of Thieves.
  • In Porc Hunters, Philhipé's reappearance is teased when Dave is transporting a dangerous Kobold prisoner.
  • In The Sunswords, there was a possibility that the party would fight a Meta Ytt that turned into Philhipé. While not actually being the character, the Ytt would look like and have some of the abilities of the real Philhipé.
  • Rob has said in The New Crew behind the scenes, that Chimera and Philhipé could be one in the same.
  • Philhipé may be the brother of Maelstrom.
  • A story line involving Philhipé was one of the three possible story lines for The Silvermine Mountains.
    • In it, it would have been confirmed that Chimera and Philhipé were infact, the same Kobold. However, this is not confirmed in canon due to said story line not being chosen.
      • As a matter of fact, if the storyline had been chosen then Philhipé would have been dead, as revealed in The Silvermine Mountains behind the scenes.
  • Philhipé inspired the new Companion system for random encounters of Season 2.
  • Philhipé originally had the Paladin Abilities of Blessing of Strength and Holy Light, but this was altered when the canon abilities were established, along with his class being changed from Paladin to Ranger.
  • Philhipé is the character represented on the Kobold race card.