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Rob, I want to use an interrupt. Warning! The following page contains spoilers for the most recent campaign! Oh no!

This article is about the Elven Cabalist. For the Dwarven Prince, see Phineas Dundinborough.

Phineas Barringster
  • Ancestor: Trandon Barringster
  • Godfather: Virgo Sunsword
  • Unnamed Mother and Father
  • Aunt: Jenathorn Barringster
  • Brother: Templeton Barringster VII
  • Cousin: Xavius Barringster (Deceased)
  • Unknown: Reginald Barringster III
  • StatusUnknown
    AliasMaster Cabalist
    Campaigns Porc Hunters, The Sunswords, The New Crew, The Skeleton King, The Senate of Deadlantis, The Yes King
    SeasonsSeason One Season Two Season Three Season Four Coe's Quest

    "The Truth is, I've been confused for a long time (very confused) SO FUCKING CONFUSED. One minute I hate women, the next I hate men, one minute I hate gnomes, the next I want to make love to all of them (And I don't even know what that is). NOBODY EVER TOLD ME. That's right, it's kissing time. Pucker up, come on. KISS THIS ELVEN CHILD."
    — Phineas

    Phineas Barringster, self titled as "Master Cabalist," is an Elf who first appeared in Porc Hunters. He is the younger brother of Templeton Barringster VII, and the cousin of Xavius. Phineas is also the godson of Virgo Sunsword (Introduced in The New Crew), who is the father of Gwyneth Sunsword. He wishes to be a Cabalist like his older brother. He was introduced in Porc Hunters, was a "guest" of The Sunswords, and was also a part of the Bocoe's crew in The New Crew and is played by Rob. Phineas is also a major character in Coe's Quest.



    Phineas is an elf that is smaller than his older brother. His eyes are slightly round and have a slight gleam in them that reflects his young age and wistful spirit. Phineas shares the same hair style as Templeton, but it is often obscured by his crimson hat. He wears a long sleeved red tunic that is accented by gold around the end of the sleeves. He has light red/pink leggings, brown boots and a brown belt. Phineas also wears a red cape that is much too long, such that it drags on the ground behind him. In Coe's Quest, Phineas wears a smaller version of this cape, which ends at his knees. During his time with the Bocoe, Phineas wore a suit of armor made of Porc skulls and clothing made with Porc skin.


    Phineas is very enthusiastic, wanting to go on an adventure constantly. His older brother disapproves of this, saying that it is too dangerous every time Phineas wants to go out in the world. Phineas also has a fondness towards Gnomes, as shown by his actions towards Bob and by having three gnome servants in his household. He is, at first, sexist towards female elves, but later on becomes sexist towards male elves and and is inexplicably amorous towards gnomes under the influence of Dave's Love Staff. He also prefers the taste of Goblin Eyeballs, rather than the kidneys which is what the rest of the elves prefer to eat. Phineas seems to know various abilities and information about the world, sometimes choosing to reveal them to others.

    Phineas has a certain brutality to him, wanting to kill a Porc only to bring a skull back as a trophy in The Sunswords, ordering Bob (The only non-goblin-hating member of the team) to execute a goblin and even attempting to stab Kallark Gandolin when he was down in order to become the leader. This power-hungry, manipulative and sadistic side seems to be hidden most of the time, and Phineas appears to be a young, ambitious, lovable elf. However, he betrays his nature by the occasional misogynistic or violent comment. Phineas is an ailurophobe.

    Notable Attributes[edit]

    Phineas, already being insane, is immune to the negative effects of Blanket of Darkness. It is unknown whether Phineas is naturally insane, or drove himself insane due to his careless use of spells.


    Templeton Barringster VII[edit]

    Templeton is the older brother of Phineas. He is very protective towards his younger brother, never wanting anything bad to happen to him, so he prevents Phineas from going on adventures. This upsets Phineas very much as, most likely due to his young age, he does not fully realize the potential dangers of an adventure. When Phineas ran off from his brother to fight the Porcs near his village, Templeton alerted Theta Squad to try and save his brother.

    Bobby "Bob" Bobertson[edit]

    Phineas is very fond of gnomes and therefore fond of Bob when they first met. Phineas patted Bob on the head, showing his friendliness, which led Bob to act friendly in return, not using his "tough guy" voice but rather his much softer voice. Phineas and Bob kissed while under the influence of Dave's staff. The pair met again in New Crew, affectionately wrestling. Their relationship has romantic undertones, but both Phineas and Bob seem to be heavily in denial.

    Xavius Barringster[edit]

    Xavius is Phineas' cousin, and is much more lax compared to Templeton when talking to Phineas, encouraging him to go on adventures rather than attempting to stop him. Xavius taught Phineas the Spell of Bearding and let Dave teach Phineas the Spell of Shaving. He also gave his young cousin a Warp Blade that was found from Greeky's brother's dead body.

    Virgo Sunsword[edit]

    Virgo Sunsword is Phineas' godfather. He is an incredibly powerful elf, and is noted to not like Porcs, as seen when he spits in Cain's face. Phineas seems terrified of him.

    Unnamed Mother[edit]

    Phineas' mother creates elven sugar cookies that are not the tastiest of cookies. Xavius, for one, does not like these cookies at all. However, her family still eats these cookies in battle to use their magical effects.

    Jenathorn Barringster[edit]

    According to Phineas, he was taught the spell Darkvision by his aunt Jenathorn, giving him the ability to discover Ageless Beings disguised as other creatures.


    In The Senate of Deadlantis, Are'ani attempted to charm Phineas using her medusa powers, but it backfired, and Are'ani became Phineas's mind slave.


    Phineas is the only non-ageless member of Bopen's pirate crew. It is unknown why Bopen allows Phineas to remain non-ageless. Phineas has developed a habit of calling Bopen his "grandpa".

    Coe's Quest[edit]



    Kinney Boots[edit]

    Phineas adventures with Kinney in the Coe's Quest.

    Character Inventory[edit]

    List of cards that the character has in their inventory.

    Powers & Abilities Belongings


    • [{Race / Elf}]
    • [{Class / Cabalist}]
    • [{Cornerstone / Kindred}]
    • [{Attribute / Insane}]


    • [{Puppeteer / Traded Soul}]


    • [{Cabalist / Blanket of Darkness}]
    • [{Companion Ability / Blanket of Darkness EX}]
    • [{Thane / Spell of Bearding}]
    • [{Wizard / Fireball}]

    Former Abilities[edit]

    • [{Cabalist / Life Drain}]


    • [{Armor / Elaphelk Bonemail}]
    • [{Legendary / Blanket of Death}] (4)
    • [{Spell Scroll / Blanket of Darkness}] (2)
    • [{Weapon / Blood Drinker}]
    • [{Weapon / Elaphelk Horn Staff}]

    Former Belongings[edit]

    • [{Consumable / Elven Sugar Cookies}]
    • [{Weapon / Warp Blade}]



    The Sunswords[edit]

    In the The Sunswords campaign, Phineas brings Elven Sugar Cookies made by his mother to his cousin, Xavius Barringster. He ends up staying with Xavius and the group of Sunswords as they escort prisoners to the Silvermine Mountains. Dave teaches him Fireball once he joins the group.

    When the Sunswords come to a burning barn, Phineas watches the prisoner carriage, and moves it to safety.

    When coming to a bridge with an Ogre preventing the Sunswords from crossing it, he is promoted to leader and has a series of mood and personality changes. He becomes sexually confused, wanting to be a female elf and having romantic feelings towards gnomes, and makes out with Bobby "Bob" Bobertson. He then instructs Bob to kill Greeky, the goblin prisoner. After Bob lets Greeky escape and attempts to lie to Phineas about killing him, Phineas becomes very angry.

    Porc Hunters[edit]

    Phineas Barringster is the younger brother of Templeton Barringster VII. He wishes to be a Cabalist like his older brother and runs off to prove his worth. The Theta Squad goes out to find him and rescue him. He is eventually knocked unconscious and put in a Porc holding cell for Porbo to eat. He eventually regains consciousness as Theta Squad was fighting Porbo.

    The New Crew[edit]

    Phineas Barringster is a young adult and has finished Cabalist school. Looking for work, Phineas finds work on the Bocoe as a new recruit. He has gone insane since he was last seen as he likes to sleep under a Blanket of Darkness, most likely contributing to his insanity. Phineas reunited for Bob and he developed a friendship with McCoy.

    The Skeleton King[edit]

    Phineas Barringster is aboard on the ship with Virgo Sunsword, Bob and the sunsword Paladins on that was in the The New Crew. After he casts a huge blanket of darkness he went to the front of the ship and fell into the drink.

    The Senate of Deadlantis[edit]

    After Bopen has taken over the Ship, he inspects the remaining survivors, including the Prisoners they had. When Bopen is torturing Bob, Phineas gets on the boat and attacks Bopen, actually putting up a good fight and temporarily saving Bob. Bopen puts himself back together and captures Phineas. Bopen orders Are'ani to inspect the Elf, but she ends up being charmed by Phineas.

    Later on, Bopen awakens Phineas, but Phineas believes Bopen is Virgo Sunsword. It is revealed that Phineas only sees people as Bones due to his Darkvision powers. Learning of this Spell, along with Phineas continually mistaking Bopen for Virgo, infuriates Bopen. However, when Bopen finally explains to Phineas what really happened, Phineas is impressed and wants to train with him to get just as strong. Bopen is stunned by Phineas's insanity, and decides to take him to the underwater Ageless capital of Deadlantis.

    When they arrive, Bopen shows the Senate of Deadlantis that Phineas has the power to see their true forms, and Phineas is amazed at the Underwater City. Bopen is able to convince the Senate to go to War with the Living, and Phineas watches as Bopen and a few of the Senators battle the one rogue Senator, Daedric Tarcial'Embeart.

    The Yes King[edit]


    Phineas is currently missing.

    Coe's Quest[edit]


    • Phineas was a last minute character to be created, being made just before the day of Porc Hunters.
    • Phineas is insane. This happened sometime between Porc Hunters and The New Crew. It is most likely caused by his own Blanket of Darkness.
      • Despite his insanity, Phineas still seems to be stable, and retains knowledge on his family and his current allies.
      • Phineas was likely to be the reason that the players decided all Barringsters in future campaigns were said to be Insane.
    • Phineas Barringster strongly resembles Prince Phineas Dundinborough. They share the same first name, they both are given the same voice by Rob, they are both child characters, and they share similar personalities.
    • Phineas was the character used as a mascot for the Overflow mechanic of Season Two.
    • Phineas was the original character to be featured on the Cabalist's cards in Season 2 and 3.
    • Because the Supporter Event "Spell of Breathing" was set off, Phineas has been set on a "dark path" for his character's story, where he will ultimately wish join the Ageless.