Phineas Dundinborough

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This article is about the Dwarven Prince. For the Elven Cabalist, see Phineas Barringster.

Phineas Dundinborough
AffiliationDundinborough Royal Family
Campaigns The Fall of Dundinborough

Prince Phineas Dundinborough was a Dwarf Prince played by Rob in The Fall of Dundinborough campaign. Phineas Dundinborough was the Prince of the Dwarven Kingdom of Dundinborough. Prince Phineas was found dead by his Royal Guard, along with the rest of the Dundinborough Royal Family. Prince Phineas' corpse was then mutilated, with his arms being "donated" to Bopen the Skeleton King.



Phineas Dundinborouh is a male Dwarf and is of a child's height. Phineas has a large eyes, freckles, and long hair tied in a ponytail. Phineas wear a crown with twin protrusions and a bevel in the center. Phineas has a t-shirt, a pair of pauldrons and a long cape.


Phineas is an extremely rude young Dwarf, often belittling and using his Royal Guard for his own needs and wants. His childish behavior often irks his father, due to Phineas being equivalently a young adult. He is often seen tripping as well, having issues with walking.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Dwarf}]



  • [{Bard / Disguise}]
  • [{Dreamweaver / Reverso Memorino}]

Former Abilities[edit]


Former Belongings[edit]

  • Enchanted Golden Sword



Prince Phineas Dundinborough is the only known son of King Dundinborough and Queen Karolime Dundinborough, and was the heir to the Dundinborough Dwarven Kingdom. Not much is known about Prince Phineas' upbringing, other than he appears to have a fairly sheltered life, ignoring obvious dangers and enjoying death.

What few things is known is that he is fond of the story telling of the exploits of Bopen the Skeleton King, and that King Dundinborough had a special sword crafted for him.

The Fall of Dundinborough[edit]

Princess Dundinborough Death.png


During the siege by the ageless, the prince was found dead in the royal bunker with the rest of the Dundinborough royal family. His arms where used by Bopen as his own arms.


  • Phineas Dundinborough strongly resembles Phineas Barringster. They share the same first name, they both are given the same voice by Rob, they are both child characters, and they share similar personalities.