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A player is a participant of URealms Live, including the Game Master. Below is a list of players that have appeared in a campaign on the show.

Game Master[edit]

Rob has been the Game Master for all URealms Live campaigns so far. Deadbones has only appeared as a Game Master for three of the last four campaigns of Season One (which at the time were considered "Side Quests", which were auxiliary to the main campaigns).

DeadbonesGamePiece.png RobGamePiece.png
DeadBones Rob


These players have appeared in URealms Live campaigns.

CoestarGamePiece.png DeadbonesGamePiece.png JustinGamePiece.png MillbeeGamePiece.png
Coestar DeadBones Justin Millbee
Nisovin RoaminGamePiece.png RobGamePiece.png SpiffGamePiece.png
Nisovin Roamin Rob Spiff