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Campaigns The New Crew
SeasonsSeason One

Polo is a Greenskin Goblin Swashbuckler played by Roamin in The New Crew. Polo was left deaf by an unknown accident, while his friend Marco was left blind. They stuck together to be new crewmates on the pirate vessel known as the Bocoe.



Polo is a male Greenskin Goblin with brown hair and dark grey eyes. He wears a maroon tank top, red straps around his wrists, pink pants, a brown belt with a golden buckle wrapped around his waist and a pair of sandals. He carries with him a cutlass and a bottle of ashes for his Grandpa Smokescreen.


Polo is loud (due to his inability to understand the concept of volume) and eccentric, sometimes unable to control his mouth. His deafness causes him to be heavily dependent on Marco's sign language, as well as reading peoples' lips. According to Marco, he hates being left out of conversation.


Powers and Abilities[edit]


Swashbuckler Abilities[edit]








Polo, along with his friend Marco, are well known Goblin mercenaries. They had killed hundreds of people, including 451 Elves. They are also known for their "special move": Shooting themselves out of a Cannon and destroying wherever they land. It was during one of their "special moves" that Marco and Polo suffered an accident, resulting in Marco going blind and Polo going deaf. Despite their handicaps, they continue to be exceptional mercenaries for hire.

The New Crew[edit]

Marco and Polo are first seen being recruited by Captain Merci, who, while hesitant, accepts them aboard the Bocoe after hearing of their achievements. Marco regales him with a sprawling narrative, explaining he and Marco's story, however the bored Merci simply leaves for Pier-17 along with the rest of the Tavern. Leaving the two alone in an empty tavern.On board the ship, the two are asked to participate in Rick Snot's favorite board game, Unforgotten Realms. They play alongside Cain, Patches, and Ladyir, where they role-play as a group of elves going to kill an island of skeleton zombie janitors. Ladyir is appointed party leader, but after much threatening from Maelstrom, Rick caves and lets him be leader. Cain is appointed first mate. The party enters the island, however Cain being scared of skeletons, Rick reverses roles. Instead having the party be skeletons out to kill an island of Elves in order to steal a ruby Patches starts questioning why they are taking the ruby as they come upon it and they elect not to pick it up. A dragon comes down and defeats them ending the Meta level game. Cain then bites off Rick’s entire arm causing Merci to run over and deal with it telling him that they can get him a new arm.

Reaching the Island of Laeyuleaugh, Merci decides the men need inspiring, so he calls upon Jo Krysstal to sing them a rousing chorus of "Fuck the Kobolds" before getting to work. Marco and Polo are sent to attack the castle at the top of the island where they will find the key. Merci tells them to just find the key and not worry about the elves unless they start to attack while he watches the door. Marco and Polo buckle and completely destroy the first room making a cleric run in. Ladyir does to help the goblins. Rick runs to the lake and summons a frost elemental. Cain destroys two book cases making two Sunswords notice his presence. Fenrus is summoned via whistle. Marco attempts to see Fenrus’ max stamina however; he cannot because he is blind. Cain throws his puppy at Fenrus who pretty much eats the dog. Rick sends his frost elemental to go attack Fenrus, and refers to his URealms Dungeoneer Encyclopedia to see what he can find out about the current situation - Finding that Fenrus creates sun tiles wherever he walks, and standing on them will cause them to explode and give the Sunclerics enough energy for a bonus action. Fenrus runs at Rick, but gets momentarily stuck in the door, unable to reach him.

Marco and Polo continue to attack the elves while Ladyir runs ahead to search for the key and then shields himself from attacks. Rick begins unloading all his spells into Fenrus. He then refers to the encyclopedia once again, finding out that Fenrus has 200 max stamina, and is able to regenerate stamina. Ladyir finally finds the key and notifies everyone in the house he’s got it. Everyone finds their way out of the house except for Merci who is captured.

The remaining party members, (Excluding Jo and Maelstrom who are nowhere to be found,) enter the Bocoe. McCoy, being the first mate, is now the captain and orders them to head for open sea. However they are soon overtaken by the Sunsword War Gally. Very clearly outnumbered, McCoy orders his men to defend the ship to their last and leaves his Dog to steer the ship. Despite Phineas' pleas that they need to surrender now. Marco and Polo prepare for their special move by loading themselves into a cannon and basting aboard the other ship. They untie Merci and tell him he needs to go, Merci stays where he is and tries to explain that fighting is futile. Soon McCoy too takes this advice and surrenders. But Marco and Polo, knowing that Goblins are not kept in the Silvermine Mountains, kept fighting. Virgo Sunsword begins to slowly walk to the duo, drawing his sword, ready to execute the two. He however is pushed out of the way by Cain, hoping to have one last meal before Prison. Cain reaches for the tasty goblins, but just as he does the two slip and fall off the edge of the ship.


It is implied that he, along with Marco, were able to make it back to the Bocoe. Their fate after that is unknown.


  • Polo's name, along with Marco's is a reference to the game Marco Polo as well as the famous explorer, Marco Polo.
  • Polo's original name was Alex.