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AffiliationThe Sandbolds
Campaigns The Sandbolds
SeasonsSeason Three

Ralph is a Kobold Bandito played by Justin in The Sandbolds. He was one of the few Kobolds that were taken in by the Sandbolds after Bopen's Crew raided their village. Ralph grew to resent his role as slave and member of the Sandbolds, becoming an alcoholic. He was last seen fleeing the Final Talon while the now Divine Maelstrom killed the Sandbolds.



Ralph is a male Kobold with thick fur. As a child, Ralph wore a phrygian cap and a shirt, but was constantly dirty and covered in bandages. He also had an innocent, wide eyed expression to the world. As Ralph aged to a teenager, he became more disheveled as he became more and more of an alcoholic. He kept his phrygian cap, but he had a more scorned look at the world and was just as dirty as he was as a child. As an adult, Ralph began to hide his alcoholism better, cleaning up his disheveled appearance. He wore a small wizards cap and a scarf, and his fangs became more pronounced.


While he was a child, Ralph had a more questioning attitude towards the world, asking many questions and being very attentive. However as he grew under the abusive care of Talee and the other Sandbolds, Ralph grew resistant to them and the world. Since he could not run away, Ralph turned to alcohol as a means of escaping his abusive captors. This drinking often left him angry and bitter, putting him at odds with Talee. Ralph never grew out of this rebelliousness, but instead hid it better, lying to the Sandbolds about his soberness and seemingly participating in missions willingly. In reality, Ralph grew more distasteful of the Sandbolds, even having other Kobolds ally with him for a potential coup. Once Maelstrom revealed his intentions of killing the Sandbolds, Ralph simply attacked any who dared to stand in his way as he left the Final Talon.

Notable Attributes[edit]


Ralph was very reclusive as he grew up, refusing to have meaningful conversations with the other Kobolds and simply be absorbed in his drinking. Even though Talee seemed to worry about him and regard him as an adoptive son, Ralph saw her only as his abusive captor.

Character Inventory[edit]

List of cards that the character has in their inventory.

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Kobold}]
  • [{Class / Bandito}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Master Magi}]
  • [{Attribute / Reclusive}]


  • [{Bandito / Skeleton Key}]
  • [{Bandito / Sombrero of Holding}]
  • [{Shield / Dexterous}]
  • [{Supplies / Winterstone Protection}]


  • [{Bandito / Contraband}]
  • [{Bandito / Dance of the Hat}]
  • [{Bandito / Fiesta}]
  • [{Bandito / Grand Finale}]
  • [{Bandito / Molotov Cocktail}]
  • [{Bandito / Pinatamorph}]
  • [{Bandito / Siesta}]
  • [{Bandito / Spell Pinata}]
  • [{Bandito / The Cartel}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Armor / Thick Fur Rainments}]
  • [{Weapon / Elemental Mage Gauntlet 1}]
  • [{Weapon / Freemium Catalogs}]

Former Belongings[edit]



Ralph once lived in a Kobold town near the coast. However, his life there was cut short as Bopen's Undead Army came with new recruits, seeking to test their mettle. Once they arrived, they sent a magically controlled Ghostblade to murder all of the Kobolds in the town. The assassin managed to kill Ralph's parents, but he was saved when the Sandbolds decided to intervene and submit Ralph to a life of servitude.

The Sandbolds[edit]

Once he was taken back to the Final Talon, Ralph was indoctrinated into the ways of the Sandbolds, "to write down everything relating to time." He was then placed under the care of Talee, who then adopted him. The Sandbolds taught him basic funtioning skills, but he was scarred when Talee decided to teach him "time" by holding him above the pit in the center of the Final Talon.

Years later, Ralph and other slaves accompanied Talee to the home of Lyn Azveltara, Ninjaru. During that time, Ralph went through puberty, and became even more angry and bitter towards Talee and the Sandbolds. He spent most, if not all of the time there drinking and sulking in a corner, refusing to interact with anyone. However, he did join McCarrot Smith in partaking in Dragon Sand, becoming addicted to that as well.

On Ralph's first Time Anomaly mission, Ralph joined Yohan under the leadership of Varik, Danzen and McCarrot Smith in investigating a time bubble in the city of Karazim. However, Ralph was far more interested in attempting to steal from the inhabitants rather than investigate. While he was attempting to pickpocket one of the Kobolds, it was revealed that the Kobolds where, in fact, several Believers of the same person and the party was forced to battle them. The battle was shortlived, and Ralph decided to raid all of the books in the town.

Some odd years later, Ralph, as a fully grown adult, joined the Sandbolds in attending the Ascension party of Leopold Barringster Sunsword. There, he greedily took money from a Gobolf, and spent that money on a joke Wand of Very Limited Possibilities by mistake.

Once they returned to Final Talon, they were ambushed by Maelstrom, the betrayer of the Sandbolds. Maelstrom then revealed to Ralph and the slaves that he was just a puppet being controlled by an Old God and that the murderer of his parents was being harbored by the Sandbolds the entire time. Ralph revealed that he, too, was planning a coup, calling upon his Kobold Cartel and becoming a third party in the fight, attacking both Maestrom and the Sandbolds. However, once Maelstrom Ascended into his first form as a Divine, a Whelpling, Ralph decided to flee.


Ralph was last seen escaping Final Talon while the Divine Maelstrom slaughtered the Sandbolds.


  • "Ralph" is not his real name. Talee gave him that name because Ralph himself was confused when he was taken to Final Talon as a slave. As he now believes it to be his true name, and his parents perished at the hands of Ghostblade, it is unknown if we will ever know his true name.
  • Ralph is not only an alcoholic, but addicted to Dragon Sand as well.