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Wait, that's not quite right. The information in this article is Non-Canon. Oh no!
  • Currently: Nimbus Cloud
  • Formerly: Sentient Apple Juice
  • Creator: Penwar Lockis
  • Nimbus Creator: Thanks
  • StatusAlive
    AliasCloud Dad
    ActorRob and Coestar

    Randall was a sentient bottle of apple juice created by Penwar Lockis by accident while using Nisovin's Wand of Limited Possibilities. Randall was later reborn as Thanks' Nimbus familiar.


    Randall was created by sheer random when the Dwarf Sorcerer Penwar Lockis wished to create a lover. Initially, Randall was frightened as the Dwarven Siblings began to huddle around the newborn being. After some tender moments, however, Randall soon calmed down. That is, until, Inky decided to throw Randall into the air while Blinky enlarged him. After a minor scuffle, Randall crashed down soaking Thanks' shirt.

    When the Dwarven Siblings entered Bopen's Lair later, Thanks decided to go through the summoning ceremony for a Nimbus cloud, choosing Randall as his Nimbus. Thanks sacrificed his shirt, which was still soaked in the essence of Randall, and created Randall, the 'Cloud Dad'.


    Previous to his nimbus cloud transformation, Randall was quite shy and timid. Randall, having only recently been created, seemed to be frightened and scared, but warmed up to the Dwarves who created him after a few moments.

    After Randall's nimbus cloud transformation, he inherently began to take on the personality and characteristics of his creator, Thanks. In turn, Randall began to like Inky, who Thanks held in high regard.


    • Randall wasn't the sole result of Penwar Lockis' attempt at creating a lover. Unfortunately his twin was born without life. [1]