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AliasRaynie, Blindy
ActorRob, Justin
Campaigns The Zarlin Catacombs
SeasonsSeason One Season Two

"I want a statue of a giant nose."
— Raynel

Raynel is a Keen Paladin, Wizard and Sorcerer-in-training, played by Rob in The Zarlin Catacombs and Den of Devils, and by Justin in Unexpected Discovery. She was the squire to Bromas, and a former member of the Grand Paladin Order. Recently she has quit the Grand Paladin Order in order to investigate the death of Bromas in the Den of Zelfatar.



Raynel is a young female Keen with blue eyes and light pink hair. She wears golden plate armor with brown trims on the top and a brown belt with a silver and blue buckle. Her plate shoulder pads are often referred to look like pastries. She wears golden gauntlets and boots that have brown knee caps. Underneath her armor, she wears a loose fitting, long sleeve dark brown shirt, a dark brown skirt and a white cape that has a brown trim along the bottom. She wears a plate helmet that is brown with a golden trip, golden ear covers, white wing-like accessories and a white emblem on the front with a blue gem.


Raynel is a young Keen girl, who's affections change every easily, going from person to person. Her affections are centered around her infatuation with noses, which is so extreme, that when Bromas transformed into a Kobold, all feelings she had towards him vanished. When Raynel was temporarily blinded, she was lost, confused and worried, often looking back to Bromas for help. However her mind was affected by the funk who sprayed her, causing her to hallucinate.



Among the Paladin Order, Raynel's closest relationship was with Bromas, her commanding officer. She was once squired to him and had a large crush on him, but it quickly vanished once he transformed into a Kobold. They reunited on a mission later in a very awkward way, causing some reluctance on her side as Bromas developed feelings for her as well.

Upon reuniting in-front of the ruins of Zelfatar, their relationship still remains quite stilted, with Raynel still showing no interested in the gnome-turned-kobold. Her opinion of Bromas only worsened as Bromas messes up throughout the mission.

Bromas died in Zelfatar while trying to protect the party from a rampaging Whelpling. She goes on to leave the Paladin Order and return to the Dragon Den in Zelfatar to avenge her former lover. When she discovers Bromas' remains, impaled with Sursurflame and somehow returned to Bromas' former Okagnoma shape, Raynel breaks down crying, being consoled by Denzik. She later acts as support for Nisovin and the rest of her party against the Welpling that killed Bromas, helping them kill the beast.


Raynel and Sergio's relationship started out quite rocky, as she would often ignore him and only listen to Bromas, and often felt quite uncomfortable around him whenever he and Fantastico would exhibit their weird relationship. Her disgust became clear when Sergio used his Infautation spell on her to attempt to force her and Morgana Marie into committing the same sexual acts he would do with Fantastico, resulting in Raynel slapping him in the face and calling him a pervert.

However, Raynel did seem to forgive Sergio, and, after learning of the transformation of Bromas into a Kobold, her romantic interests also shifted, commenting on how Sergio did "really have the nicest of noses," and asking him out for a meal. Sergio proposed the idea of her becoming his new concubine, to which she said "that's a little naughty," but didn't completely turn down the idea, leaving it unknown on what happened between the two.

It was later revealed in Unexpected Discovery that Raynel pursued a relationship with Sergio, but due to Sergio's aggressive treatment, the relationship quickly took a sour turn. Raynel ran away in the night, stealing Sergio's Drunken Magician's Wand in the act. Bromas later asks Raynel about how things were going with Sergio. Raynel, not wanting to draw attention to their now difficult relationship, lies and tell Bromas that things were okay between her and Sergio. It was revealed at the table that Raynel is currently pregnant, but it is unknown if it either Bromas', Sergio's or someone else's.


With Sonya, they seem to have a caring relationship, as Sonya would help her when Raynel was temporarily blinded. Sonya was not above messing with Raynell, however.


With her funk, Isabella, Raynel is still unaware of her hallucinations. Believing them to be some sort of vision of a "small critter" during her time of being blind.

Other Characters[edit]

Due to Raynel's indecisive nature in the topic of romance, she is prone to falling for any man whose nose she finds attractive. Aside from Bromas and Sergio, she has also waxed flirtatious toward Duke Daring and oddly enough, Karl Landers (despite her being decisively unatttacted to Kobold noses).

Outside of romance, her most notable relationships are with Nisovin and Jebediah.

With Nisovin, she shares a platonic, professional relationship. During the Den of Devils, she mainly acted as the greater spell-caster's support and aid, and would often assist him in casting greater spells.

Raynel is extremely hostile towards her Jebediah (despite both of them having been Paladins), due to an apparent prejudice towards Kobold on Raynel's part, and Jebediah's generally unpleasant appearance and presence. When Jebediah tries to comfort a grieving Raynel after she finds the body of Bromas, she just screams and throws insults at the doom-saying Kobold.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Keen}]
  • [{Class / Seeker}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Friar}]
  • [{Attribute / Chatterbox}]


  • [{Paladin / Divine Favor}]


  • [{Wizard / Fireball}]
  • [{Wizard / Pyroblast}]
  • [{Sorcerer / Flare}]
  • [{Sorcerer / Rolling Fog}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Honor Chains Ex}]
  • [{Treasure / Elaphelk Tusk}]
  • [{Treasure / Frog Stick Totem}]
  • [{Treasure / Thors Ale}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Legendary / Dragonhammer Staff}]
  • [{Weapon / Drunken Magician's Wand}]
  • [{Shield / Small Buckler}]
  • [{Paladin / Heavy Plate}]

Former Belongings[edit]


Whisper Snake[edit]

Raynel's Whisper Snake
Whisper Snake WC.png
RaceWhisper Snake
Campaigns Unexpected Discovery
SeasonsSeason Two



Raynel found it while leaving Sergio and decided to keep it.

Unexpected Discovery[edit]



Raynel was a member of the Grand Paladin Order and was the squire to Alpha Wolf Bromas. Having been his squire for some time, she developed a small crush and joined him in exploring the Zarlin Catacombs.

The Zarlin Catacombs[edit]

Raynel assisted Bromas, Sergio Fabioso and Fantastico Fabioso in escorting Morgana Marie through the Zarlin Catacombs. Along the way, she decapitated an Elemech and dodged booby traps. She gets separated from the group during their encounter with the Gorgons and goes to get help. Eventually she meets up with the party on the other side of of a large crevasse. She explains from over a walkie-talkie that if they can get across they can get out of the catacombs. She also confesses her love for Bromas. Then out of nowhere, a Beenu Warmachine reawakens from deep within the crevasse. Unable to help, she sits on the other side and waits. The party eventually defeats the Warmachine but loses Morgana Marie and meets up with them on the other side.

After the events of the Zarlin Catacombs, Raynel left with Sergio who attempted to covert her to be his concubine. However, Raynel did not enjoy being one and soon left him in the middle of the night. On her travels after that she met a Whisper Snake and befreinded him and learned various magic spells as she rejoined the Order.

Unexpected Discovery[edit]

Nikers Fontain, Denzik and Karl meet with Raynel on the outskirts of a Beenu dungeon and begin to talk about the various artifacts that the Grand Paladin Order would like. Sonya then joins up with her fellow Paladins, and they began talking about navigating the dungeon, while waiting for the last member of the Paladin Order to join them. As the group begins to enter the dungeon, their last member, No-Eye Bromas joins the group, leading to an awkward reunion between Bromas and Raynel. The party of adventurers then decide to begin their exploration, only to find a group of Porcs just outside of the Beenu Dungeon.

These Porcs are carrying out giant Beenu Statues and appear to be another group of Adventurers. Karl recognizes the group as former Guild members ran by the Porc Papi Pombo. While the adventurers discuss their plans, Sonya's robotic arm, Larry, decides to show his stuff and fires their pistol. Now Pombo's group of Porcs begin to surround the Adventurers forcing them into a fight. Karl takes the the ambushing Porcs all out of the fight by himself, leaving the rest of the group to take out the remaining members of Pombo's bandits. Seeing the carnage and strength of Karl, Pombo surrenders and offers himself and his remaining porcs to becoming the "Porcs of Karl." Now reinforced with the band of Warrior, Swashbuckler and Berserker Porcs, Bromas explains that the Beenu Machines can be damaged by citrus acid, and enter the Beenu Dungeon.

The adventurers begin to investigate the first room of the dungeon, there they find a wall of text written in ancient Beenu. After a failed attempt by Raynel, they have Sonya's Elemech Arm, known as Larry, translate the text, only for it to be revealed to be a map. After an argument between Sonya and Karl breaks out, the skeletons laying around the dungeon begin to reanimated. Bromas attempts to be diplomatic in an effort to find the living Beenu that Karl had promised, but to no effect, leaving the group to attack the skeletons. After quickly dispatching them, the group descends further into the dungeon, agreeing that the diplomacy is the incorrect method of dealing with this dungeon. They come across a long dark hallway that was covered in arrow traps. They attempt to ease their way through it, with Sonya leading with her shield. However, the arrows begin to fire, splitting off Sonya and the group. The group decides to dash through and take the arrows as they run through. The group survives the trap, with Papi Pombo triggering his Sun Wolf Wolverine transformation.

Now onto the next challenge, the group finds a a large hole blocking the path. Raynel attempts to block the hole, but gets sprayed in the face by a funk, causing Raynel to be blind, also causing her to hallucinate the image of a talking Funk named Isabella. Now with Raynel blind, the group begins to figure out how to cross the hole. They decide to put the blinded Raynel on the back of the Sun Wolf Papi and have him jump across the pit successfully. Sonya then decides that its time to look to the Light and asks Bromas to wish for Lascene to teleport the whole group across. He does so, allowing the whole party to cross the cavern.

The group ventures further into the dungeon, in which they find room that resembles the one from the Zarlin Catacombs. A nervous Bromas explains the situation that the Elemech Robots transforms the body and mind of anyone who touches them, citing his own traumatic experiences and his desire to reverse engineer the machines so he might be able to be returned to normal. The group decides to have the easily-convinced Porcs enter in their stead the room and defeat the robots. The Porcs enter room and begin a heated battle with the Robots, nearly destroying them completely, and returning to their Kobold Master with most of the Porcs transformed into something else.

Raynel, informed by the Funk, begins trying to leading the group out to the next room. This causes the adventurers to run after Raynel, triggering a trap, releasing a large boulder chasing the group. The adventurers outrun the boulder and duck in a nearby alcove as as the bolder rolls into an abyss. A few moments pass and another boulder rolls by and so on for a few minutes until the rest of the group catches up.

After a minute to catch their breath, a Beenu War Machine breaks the bridge ahead of them and begins a fight against the group. The group gives it all they have, destroying one of the large mechanical hands and the War Machine transforms into a smaller mechanical bird that began playing music. The mechanical bird builds a new bridge and floats neutrally in the air.

As Denzik attempts to cross the newly made bridge, the mechanical bird begins speak an ill omen of Dragons and death. The adventurers however, fail to understand the meaning, and continue on as the mech shuts down. The adventurers come across a large treasure room and began to loot it. Papi Pombo begins passing out Porco Sangrio and hosting a celebration for a successful campaign. Papi gathers the adventurers around and begin telling campfire stories, and the group began swapping their stories. However during the story telling, a mysterious hooded apparition approaches the group. Before they could confront this mysterious person, Karl interjects and began telling his story. At the end of the story, the mysterious person reveals that it is a Beenu. The Beenu explains that they were the caretakers of the realm, building technology long before the Birth of Magic. However, as they progressed as a culture, they somehow killed the dragon Phanto, causing the Birth of Magic. With the birth of magic came the introduction of death and decay into the world. The Beenu, lacking any means to procreate, quickly died out. The Beenu Apparition then grants the adventurer three questions. After fixing Raynel's sight making a map of Beenu sites and answering the questions, the Apparition disappears and tells the group that a Divine exists behind a large wall in the cavern.

The group begins attempting to break through the wall. They break through and enter in a room that looks to be infused with with lava, but is not hot to touch. They enter the room but does not see anything until they look up. Just then a Whelpling falls from the ceiling and lands. During which, the Sigil of Flame awakens inside of Denzik, letting him lead the charge against the Whelpling and the group attacks the giant flaming lizard. As the battle continues on, a curious sword falls from the ceiling and cuts a large stone in half, firmly embedding itself into the rock. Half of the group attacks the Whelpling while the other half attempts to retrieve the sword. Bromas finally draws the sword, however it does no good, as the Whelpling had rendered the altered Porcs of Karl beaten and bruised. Bromas orders for a retreat and the Adventurers follow suit, running towards the exit as the Whelpling hunts them down. The group finds the exit, now only having two Porcs, Sonya, Raynel, Denzik and Karl exiting the Dungeon. Bromas, Pombo and the other altered porcs fell against the Whelpling.

Den of Devils[edit]

Raynel has now quit the Grand Paladin Order and focused her efforts in finding out about the death of her former master, Bromas.


Raynel was one of the survivors of the Den of Devils expedition.


  • Rob designed Raynel's character to be very much like a young girl who would often and easily change her affections for people.
  • During Unexpected Discovery Raynel is supposedly pregnant with either Bromas's child or Sergio's child. It is unknown if she has given birth to this child by Den of Devils, as there is no mention of her being pregnant or having any children.
  • Raynel's armor design was inspired by the Valkyries.
  • Raynel has a nose fetish, often asking to rub a person's nose. She does not like Kobold noses.
  • Raynel was blinded by a Funk in Zelfatar.
  • Raynel appears to be bigoted towards Kobolds, a trait unusual for Gnomes, who are generally peaceable with most other races. Whether this was the case prior to or because of her experiences with Bromas is unknown.
    • The only Kobold she appears to tolerate or really like is Karl Landers, who has a nose that she deems attractive, for a Kobold's.
  • Raynel was the original character to be featured on the Templar's class cards in Season 2 and the Seeker's class cards in Season 3, despite canonically being neither of those classes. She was replaced with an unknown character for Season 3's Templar class cards.