Reginald Barringster III

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Reginald Barringster III
Reginald Barringster TC Puppet.png
ActorDeadbones, Rob
Campaigns The Death of Virgo, The Cobblers
SeasonsSeason One Season Two

Reginald Barringster III is an Elf played by Deadbones in The Death of Virgo, in which he calls the party to an outer elven village to help him find the missing Elves. He is also seen in The Cobblers; set before the events of the Death of Virgo, where he was played by Rob.




Reginald appears to be a coward. When the rest of his squadron entered a cave in search of some missing villagers, he went back to the village to call for reinforcements, and when Virgo Sunsword arrived at the outpost, he tried to get out of going on a search for them by saying he would rather do more paperwork. When Virgo killed his squire, Simon, instead of challenging him, Reginald immediately submitted to Virgo, clearly in fear of the man, and when forced into battle, he hid behind Tennís, and watched the rest of the party fight.

In The Cobblers, Reginald appeared more noble and less cowardly, having no qualms against joining the Cobblers in the campaign against of group of flesh weaving goblins, although he was still hesitant to join any fights on the count of his limited combat abilities and his frail nature. He was very stern towards Eliza Cobbler and her sexual advances, implying a level of prudishness, or at least some discretion in the matters of romance and sex.



Simon is a mute squire to Reginald, and Reginald considered him a hard working and good squire despite this unfortunate disability. Simon was the only other individual who could have known about Reginald's involvement with the Flesh Weavers. If this is the case, it is possible that Reginald had Simon's tongue cut off to keep the young elf quiet.

Virgo Sunsword[edit]

Reginald ventured with Virgo and his group in search of the cause behind the disappearances of an Elven village and the previous two rescue squads.

Eliza Cobbler[edit]

Eliza initially had no interested in meeting Reginald on the count of him being a Barringster, believing that all the elves from that family line were "creepy". However, upon meeting the elf at her doorway, she immediately began flirting with the Barringster on the count of her Uncontrollable Libido. Reginald had absolutely no interest in the promiscuous elf and found her advances toward himself disturbing. He was forced to bare through her advances as he accompanied the Cobbler family on their Goblin Hunting campaign.

Eliza's affection towards Reginald was purely sexual, as she didn't appear to be terribly upset when Barringster had his mind scrambled and was crushed under the remains of a Flesh Monstrosity.

Borris Cobbler[edit]

Reginald was visibly impressed by Borris' (false) claims of having previously dealt with Flesh Weaving Goblins. His opinion of Borris and the Cobblers only improved as throughout their campaign against the Flesh Weavers on the outskirts of Chossals.

Despite this, Borris grew more and more distrustful of Reginald as Reginald's description of the Goblin caves was repeatedly proven incorrect. This distrust eventually came to a head when Borris had a vision where Barringster is revealed to be personally involved with Flesh Weavers and the creation of Flesh Monstrosities. Using his new-found Dream Weaver abilities, Borris scrambles Reginald's mind in an attempt to pacify him. However, the very act of scrambling Reginald's mind was the catalyst that lead to the events that Borris foresaw, as it left the now-mindless Reginald vulnerable to the influence of Legion and the Spirit of Anthahall.

Powers & Abilities[edit]







Reginald Barringster was born to the illustrious, but unliked, Elven Family of the Barringsters. Not much is known about his past.

The Cobblers[edit]

Barringster makes his appearance in The Cobblers campaign when he introduces himself to the visiting family of Goblin-slayers, providing them information on Goblins who have troubled the town that Barringster is currently stationed in. Reginald is initially sent away by the family (citing their distrust of Barringsters, finding them creepy), Barringster insists and is eventually greeted by the very sexually forward Eliza Cobbler. He alerts the Elven family of the Goblin Nest in a cave on the town's outskirts, warning the family that the goblins may be flesh weavers. Borris Cobbler erroneously claims that the family has already dealt with the cult in the past, impressing the Barringster, leading him to decide that the Dwarven soldiers prepared for this mission were unnecessary and decides to send them away. Barringster escorts the family to the cave. Despite his request to stay out of battle due to his fragile nature, Borris coerces Reginald to participate regardless.

Throughout the campaign, Reginald mostly stayed in the background whenever it came to battle, using his limited magical abilities to assist whenever he could. Coming upon a river of blood, Borris questions Barringster's competence, as he had never mentioned such a river. Barrinster insists the river had been water during his previous scouting trips through the cavern. Borris remains suspicious, and grows even more so when the goblins they later face in battle are revealed to be Ageless, when the river is revealed to be infested with Clockodiles, and when Reginald tells the family that he cannot take them any further into the cavern (the family promptly ignored this statement and attempted to throw the elf across the blood river, but missed repeatedly). All throughout this, member of the party were occasionally whispered to and turned them hostile to their party, complicating the mission and making the cave itself all the more sinister.

Eventually, the group comes across what they ventured into the caves for: a group of kidnapped elves who had been taken from their homes in the nearby town. After freeing them, the former hostages venture into the caverns to take vengeance against the force that had them taken in the first place, leading the Cobblers and Barringster to follow suit. Although the group was led to believe that the cavern's center chamber was inhabited by the "Goblin Matriarchs", the party discover that it was instead inhabited by a giant amalgamation of flesh known as a "Flesh Monstrosity". It is also revealed that the monstrosity was responsible for whispering to the Cobblers throughout the cave.

The Cobblers, Barringster and the escaped kidnap victims begin a complicated skirmish against the giant monstrosity. During combat, Borris, who had been having visions since arriving in town, discovers through such a premonition that Reginald himself was somehow responsible for the creation of these monstrosities.Eventually the party wears the beast down and defeats it. As the party regroups Borris uses his newly discovered Dream Weaver abilities to scramble Barringster's mind clean in an attempt to pacify the apparently traitorous elf. It is soon after this that three more Monstrosities form in the cave, forcing the party and former-hostages to continue fighting. With the help of Borris's newly fully developed Dream Weaver abilities and Beautressa Cobbler's Amplifying Crystals, all three monstrosities were defeated, with limited loss of life. The final monstrosity explodes, and the flying bits of carnage land on the mindless Reginald Barringster, crushing the elf beneath it. The party, satisfied with their victory and the defeat of the supposed head of the flesh weavers, make their leave, leaving the apparently still surviving Barringster in the remains.

Unbeknownst to the Cobblers, Barringster had absolutely no involvement with the Flesh Weavers and was completely innocent. Furthermore, Borris Cobbler's mind attack on Barringster was in fact the catalyst to the events he had foreseen in his vision. The Reginald Barringster which the Cobblers knew was innocent, but the one left in the Flesh Weaver, left to influenced by the devices of the minds of flesh monstocities he laid in, left with an empty, broken mind, would eventually go on to commit the crimes that Borris prematurely convicted Barringster of.

The Death of Virgo[edit]

Reginald made his initial debut with this squire Simon. Barringster had been settled in a remote Elven village, out at the very edges of Elf-controlled territory. The town had been met with a mysterious set of disappearances, leaving the town nearly completely deserted. Reginald had sent out a request for military support in months prior, only for the deployed soldiers to disappear as well during their investigation. A second squad was sent and they too disappeared. Having not heard from the deployed squad, it was at this point that Virgo Sunsword decided to get personally involved.

Upon meeting the newly deployed group of soldiers, Barringster was drafting a letter stating that the second group of soldiers had also disappeared and that more help was needed. Barringster introduces the squadron to his mute squire, Simon, a young elf boy. Barringster details the events surround the disappearances in town and why the town is completely desolate besides himself and Simon. He also states that he believes that these disappearances may be related to a Cave of Snobolds outside of town. Suspicious of how Barringster and Simon are somehow the sole survivors in such a small town, Virgo forces the two to join the squad in their investigations. Barringster once again retains very little involvement throughout the campaign, making attempts to worm his way out as much as possible.

Eventually, the group reaches a dead-end after defeating a hostile group of Snobolds (Arctic Kobolds) and a frustrated Virgo attempts to forcibly heal the mute squire Simon so that he might be able to provide answers, but accidentally kills the boy instead. Fearful for his life, Reginald leads the group into the caves he mentioned, only to sneak away when the group gets distracted. The squad discovers a group of flesh weavers, who they believe to be responsible for the kidnappings. Virgo attempts to interrogate their leader, but the fragile old gnome dies and mysteriously turns into a floating pile of blood, the sight of which has the gnome flesh weavers fleeing for their lives. Suddenly, a flesh monstrosity appears and attacks the squad, forcing them to retaliate and destroy the abomination.


Reginald left the cave just as the party entered, and his location is currently unknown. It was revealed through a set of receipts that Barringster himself was responsible for hiring the creation of the Flesh Monstrosities and for the kidnapping of the the townsfolk and the Elven soldiers.


  • Despite Reginald's limited combat abilities, he is still involved with the activities of Elven military and the goings on of Elven families. It appears his duties are clerical and managerial.
  • If Reginald had died in The Cobblers, the entire campaign would be a paradox, as the vision that Borris saw, where Virgo confronted Reginald, was in the future.
  • Prior to the events at the end of The Cobblers campaign, Reginald appeared to be one of the few members of the Barringster family to display absolutely no (obvious) sociopathic or psychotic tendencies, unlike Phineas and Trandon, or even Xavius Barringster and Templeton.