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This article is about the Season 1 Campaign. For the Organization, see List of Organizations#Yumi's Band of Thieves.

Season 1
Air Date: May 30th, 2015
Band of Thieves
Porc Hunters

Band of Thieves, also known as Yumi's Band of Thieves, is the first official Campaign of URealms Live, in which a band of thieves are ordered by Nisovin to retrieve a key from a group of Elves. It aired on May 30th, 2015.



Character Race Class Player
Bumbley Icon.png Bumbley/K4 Dwarf Warrior Justin
Gracias Icon.png Gracias Gnome Sorcerer Coestar
Squinks Icon.png Squinks Keen Bard Deadbones
Yumi Icon.png Yumi Keen Sorcerer Roamin


Character Race Class
Philhipe Icon.png Philhipé Kobold Paladin
Gwyneth Sunsword Icon.png Gwyneth Sunsword Elf Warrior
Dave Icon.png Dave Elf Suncleric
Kobold Boss Kobold Boss Kobold Warrior
Whirlwind Brothers Whirlwind Brothers Kobold Warrior
The Monkey Fish King The Monkey Fish King Monkey Fish
Albert Albert Monkey Fish
Nessie Nessie Gnome
Nisovin Icon.png Nisovin Keen Wizard
Dani Davidson Dani Davidson Elf
  • - Appeared Retroactively

Battle Encounters[edit]

Plot Summary[edit]

Yumi's band of thieves are tasked by Nisovin to steal the Sun Key from the Spellblade Elves. The team starts off with just three members: Yumi herself, Squinks the Keen Bard, and Gracias the Gnome Sorcerer. Yumi also hires a Dwarf Warrior named Bumbley, whom the team renames to Dwarf Number Three.

Nisovin drops off the party and advises them to head into the caves directly north of their campsite. The group mishears Nisovin's directions and heads towards the cave, believing Nisovin told them not to do so, where they then encounter a group of Kobolds. Yumi meets with a Kobold grunt named Pete and convinces him she has no foul intentions. Pete would have allowed them passage through the cave, but he must ask the Kobold boss and explain the situation to him. The boss dismisses the idea, calling out Dwarf No. 3 and declaring that he hates Dwarves because they often steal his gems. The group tries to explain that he is new to the group, and that they don't know if he is a real dwarf, as he doesn't act like one. The Kobold boss does begin to warm up to Dwarf No. 3, until Dwarf No. 3 blurts out his name after being asked by the boss.

Battle begins between the two parties, during which two Whirlwind Kobolds and 10 hostile Gemlings join the fight. The Gemlings, posing little threat, are quickly destroyed by the Kobolds. Gracias flanks the Kobold party, and pauses to give Pete a hug. In doing so, Pete becomes friendly to Gracias, and they both sit out to spectate the rest of the encounter. Dwarf No. 3 is then infected with rabies by a Whirlwind Brother under the charm of Squinks. Once all the aggressive Kobolds are rendered dead or unconscious, Gracias introduces Pete to the rest of the party, and Pete is formally accepted and renamed Philhipé by Yumi. Dwarf No. 3 is also renamed Kobold No. 4 to prevent similar conflicts from occurring again.

Philhipé guides the group deeper into the cave, to a large cavern full of Gemlings and a very large gem in its center. Philhipé goes to lick the large gem, which his boss had told him to never do, but nothing happens. Then as Kobold No. 4 tickles the gem, it awakens and is revealed to be the Gemlord, which turns all nearby Gemlings aggressive. In the course of battle, the Gemlord grows arms and spawns more Gemlings upon being hit, as well as Amplifying Crystals that reflect its giant laser beam. The team uses various techniques of attacking the Gemlord, including charming it and enlarging Kobold No. 4. Despite spawning dozens of Gemlings, the Gemlord is eventually defeated and shatters into pieces, and the surviving Gemlings turn passive.

After the combat, Kobold No. 4 cures his rabies by drinking water, and the group heads out of the cave and towards a bridge guarded by Nessie the Bridge Troll. Nessie demands that each traveler pay a treasure to pass, or face his Eaglebear. He grabs Kobold No. 4's Amulet of Bones and allows him to pass first. Nessie refuses to let Gnomes cross, so Squinks disguises as a dwarf and offers his Spellwall Armor, and he crosses alone. Yumi attempts to give Nessie gems, but Nessie instead demands a kiss. Nessie becomes infatuated with Yumi and allows her, Gracias, and Philhipé to pass. Beyond the bridge, Kobold No. 4 encounters a Gnome girl who claims to be Nessie's sister, though Nessie himself had said he was an only child. She eagerly gives Kobold No. 4 a kiss, stealing his Bladeturn in the process.

The group approaches an encampment of Spellblade Elves, and they decide to sneak past it. Gracias casts Rolling Fog to proceed into the forest unseen, and Yumi freezes an Elf in their way. Having successfully avoided the Elves, they come across a long path lined with Blood Snakes that continuously come out of the forest. A Cobra King arises from the ground at the end of the forest, spewing lines of Blood Spit down the path. Squinks dashes ahead of the others, is weakened by the spit and Blood Snakes, and retreats beyond the Cobra King. Philhipé is accidentally shot by Gracias, but is able to use a Blood Snake as a tourniquet for the wound. Determined to protect Gracias, he takes out multiple Blood Snakes around them with little effort. Kobold No. 4, Yumi, and Gracias deal damage to the King Cobra, and Kobold No. 4 slices its head off, sending the living Blood Snakes back into the forest.

Squinks is found by the group waiting in a mountain cave next to the Elf town containing the Sun Key. Kobold No. 4 gives himself the nickname of K4, and starts to show resistance to Yumi's leadership. Philhipé is informed of the band's goal, and the group plans to send Squinks into the town, disguised as a child Elf. Squinks enters the town's church, meeting Gwyneth Sunsword and her Sunblade Elves. Instead of diverting them out of the church as was planned, Squinks betrays the band by divulging their group's location in the cave. One of the Sunblades, Dave, supervises Squinks as Gwyneth and the others go to investigate the cave. Squinks then charms Dave after breaking his own disguise. The two decide to pretend that Squinks was captured by Dave and put in jail. Meanwhile, the other group members spot them and flee deeper into the cave, stumbling upon a pool of water containing the Monkey Fish King. The king offers them to hide beneath his butt, which they agree to. When Gwyneth arrives, the king tells her that there are no gnomes present, and she quickly leaves.

Afterwards, the Monkey Fish King inquires about the group's quest, but nearly turns aggressive when Yumi mentions Nisovin. Learning that they don't intend to take his red gem, the king informs them that the Sun Key is around Gwyneth's neck. He sends Albert, his "special" son who only communicates by blowing raspberries, to accompany them. They sneak into the town and come across a jail. Yumi freezes Dave before spotting Squinks in the cell. Squinks raises the group's suspicion by giving conflicting info about his actions. He suddenly orders Dave to blow his horn, alerting other Elves. The group refuses to free Squinks and goes to hide. Dave's charm wears off as the Elves arrive and Squinks is locked in his cell, alone. Told to find Gwyneth, Albert repeatedly headbutts the building she is in. A Sunblade comes out and slices Albert in half, while the group hides in the forest. They resolve to simply bust down the front doors of the church and confront Gwyneth and her three Sunblades directly.

Soon after the battle commences, a large Sun Hound named Fenrus enters the building behind the group. Gwyneth pulls out her Duskblade, and all of the town's Spellblades are alerted to the battle. The Sun Tiles covering the ground, created by Sunbolts and Fenrus, also become permanent. Faced with overwhelming danger, Yumi begins to flee out of the room, despite being unharmed. Attempting to stop her, Gracias teleports to the exit and creates fog that chases Yumi. Tossed to the back of the room by Fenrus, K4 tries and fails to slam a Sunblade through the wall to escape. He takes a Duskblade swing for Philhipé, and loses all his stamina from a Sun Tile explosion. Yumi and Gracias plan to escape into a well, in which a Monkey Fish appears and confirms a passage to the Monkey Fish King's pool. Gracias stands on the well, and alerts Philipé to his location. He uses the last of his stamina to create fog at the well and passes out, falling into the well. K4 also jumps down the well, but Philhipé mistakenly runs through the fog back into the building. The Elves block the well from further escapes, and Yumi chooses to surrender. Philhipé, unable to leave the room, utters "Kobold" and ignites the large cloud of fog outside with his Blunderbuss. This stuns most of the elves, collapses the well, and knocks out the wall of the jail. Squinks escapes the jail, and Yumi begrudgingly cooperates with him to dash out the town's entrance.

In the end, Gracias and K4 end up in the Monkey Fish King's pool, and tell him the unfortunate fate of Albert. Assuming everyone in the party is dead or captured, the two go their own ways, K4 choosing to stay with the Monkey Fish King under his butt. Yumi and Squinks also escape successfully together. Philhipé is captured by Gwyneth, and presumed to be taken to the Silvermine Mountains as a prisoner.

Lore Established[edit]

Major Lore[edit]

  • The Realms are established.
  • The events of this campaign are played out.
  • The major races Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Keen, and Kobold are introduced.
  • All characters listed above are introduced, most notably Gwyneth Sunsword, Nisovin, and Dave.
    • By extension, the Sunsword family is established.
  • The following beast species were introduced: Gemling, Gemlord, Eaglebear, Blood Snake, Blood Snake Cobra, Monkeyfish, and Sunhound.
  • The Sun Keys are established, and it is established that Nisovin desires them.

Nader's Unforgotten Tales Lore[edit]

  • Dave had a daughter, Dani Davidson, who died during the battle between Yumi's Band of Thieves and Gwyneth's Squadron.

Minor Lore[edit]

  • An unnamed Elven town is introduced.
  • Kobold Rabies is introduced. The way Kobold Rabies affects Kobolds and Dwarves is established. (Established by the Supporter Event, and the effects are showcased.)

Timeline Placement[edit]

Episode Guide[edit]

Title Airdate
Nader's Unforgotten Tales Mar 9, 2018
Character Creation - Episode 0 May 28, 2015
Episode 1 May 31, 2015
Episode 2 May 31, 2015
Episode 3 Jun 1, 2015
Episode 4 Jun 1, 2015
Episode 5 Jun 2, 2015
Episode 6 Jun 2, 2015
Episode 7 Jun 3, 2015
Episode 8 Jun 3, 2015
Episode 9 Jun 4, 2015
Finale - Episode 10 Jun 4, 2015
Behind the Scenes May 31, 2015
Campaign Playlist

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Supporter Events[edit]

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  • This is the first official campaign of URealms Live.
  • This campaign was originally named Roamin's Band of Thieves, but was changed to avoid confusion.