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This article is about the Coe's Quest Character. For the Player, see Roamin. For the fictional Character, see List of Minor Characters#Roamin the Paladin.

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Roamin Coe's Quest.png
Race Dwarf
Cornerstone Unknown
Gender Male
Status Alive
Portrayed By Rob
First Appearance Coe's Quest
"Have you forsaken the light?!"
— Roamin

Roamin is a Tall Dwarf Paladin, played by Rob in the show Coe's Quest.



Roamin is a male Tall Dwarf Paladin with black eyes, red armor with a yellow Ankh in the center and a red open faced helmet.



He "had" a squire called Harold but Harold killed himself.

Notable Attributes[edit]

Powers & Abilities[edit]


Paladin Abilities[edit]




  • A flyer for 2 for 1 sword hilts from the blacksmiths.
  • A book on the Kobold purge.




Not much is known about Roamin's life yet. He, at one point, met with Kinney Boots, Coe and Phineas Barringster some time after Kinney had left the Bocoe. His family hated Kobolds and he doesn't know a lot about his mother. His mother could be a Kobold as how his father was called a Gem Licker and how he successfully ate a rock when being challenged by Coe.

Coe's Quest[edit]

Coe, Kinney, Roamin and Phineas all had arrived at a tavern to get something to eat. While they order, Phineas asked the innocent question of "Where do babies come from?" to which begins the discussion between Roamin's religious views, Kinney's less moral views and Coe's less strict rules on the subject of marriage before having children. With Roamin and Kinney dismissing Coe's views, Coe decided to get up and proceeds to get in a bar fight with what appears to be an elder Merci for what ever reason. When the conversation about babies and Coe's fight concluded, they decided to head out of the tavern.


  • Rob has confirmed that Roamin is a Tall Dwarf. [1]
  • Despite the character being Roamin, he was voiced by Rob in the show.
  • The Ahnk on Roamin's chest was inspired by Ultima: Quest of the Avatar, a game Rob played as a boy "for hundreds of hours". [2]