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Rob/The Voice in the Sky

Name Rob/The Voice in the Sky
Real Name Robert Moran
Role Main Host, Side Quest Player
Affiliations Buffalo Wizards
Youtube Channel BruceWillakers
Twitter @urealms
First Appearance Band of Thieves
"Welcome to Unforgotten Realms Live!"
— Robert Moran
"The guy writing these things."
— Rob's ending credit for Season 2.

Robert Moran is the creator of the URealms Live concept, and the Game Master of the official URealms Live streams. He has worked on other projects such as the original Unforgotten Realms web series, Lords of Minecraft, and Dwarves Vs. Zombies. Other aliases he has gone by include Rurikar, Witty Wizard, Bruce Willakers, and Old Man Willakers.


Season One/Two
Game Master
Side Quests
Jameson Blant Icon.png Vanessa Squishwitz Icon.png RobGamePiece.png Virgo Sunsword Icon.png
Jameson Blant Vanessa Squishwitz Game Master
Virgo Sunsword

Past Projects[edit]

Rob has worked on many other projects in the past such as:

  • The Original Unforgotten Realms
  • Splash Attack
  • World of Warcraft machinima
  • 2Player: A Let's Play channel with Roamin
  • His Pokemon streams, which can be found on his channel: PKMNRob
  • Dwarves VS. Zombies: A Minecraft PVP mini game
  • Lords of Minecraft: A Minecraft roleplaying server

Upcoming Projects[edit]

Some projects that we have heard about but are not released yet are:

  • The Tambok Special Friend Show Game: A minecraft pvp game set in the universe of URealms
  • Unforgotten Quest: A game based on the original Unforgotten Realms funded by a kickstarter

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