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Robot TZC.png
Race Robot
Hostile Unknown
Affiliations Beenu
Abilities Transverse
Equipment None
Capable of Speech Yes
Weakness Fruit
First Appearance The Zarlin Catacombs

Robots are artificial beings created by the Beenu in order to fight for and defend them. They first appeared in The Zarlin Catacombs.


Robots have been seen to come in 3 sizes: small, large and massive, with different abilities depending on their size. Small and large robots have shown that they have limited speech, saying phrases such as 'Intruder alert!,' 'Thank you!,' and 'You're welcome!,' whilst Elemechs have been shown to be able to have conversation with others.


Small Robots[edit]

In The Zarlin Catacombs, three small robots appeared before the party. There was a red, an orange and a yellow one, each with different abilities:

  • Punch – They all had the ability to punch a target directly adjacent to them to deal 5 damage.
  • Barrier – They all had barriers that linked to one another. The red robot was invincible whilst the orange robot was alive, and the orange robot was invincible whilst the yellow robot was alive, meaning that they had to be defeated in a specific order.
  • Fire Immunity – It is unknown which robots had this ability, as only the orange one showed it. When it was about to be hit by a fireball, it opened its mouth and swallowed it, taking no damage, followed by it saying 'Thank you.'
  • Firebolt – An ability possessed by the yellow robot. It could shoot a bolt of fire at a target, dealing 5 damage.
  • Flamethrower – An ability possessed by the orange robot. It could use a flamethrower, dealing 5 damage to all targets in a 3x2 area in front of it.
  • Fireball – An ability possessed by the red robot. It functions similarly to the Wizard spell Fireball, dealing 10 damage to a target.

Large Robots[edit]

In The Zarlin Catacombs, a total of 4 large robots were seen. A large pink one appeared alongside the 3 small robots, and later on, a red, a green and a blue large robot were seen together in a different room.


An ability that the red, green and blue robots possess. On their turn, they can connect a beam to a target, and, at the end of their target's turn, it deals 4 damage. For each consecutive turn the beam is connected without being broken, the damage doubles, dealing 8 damage, and then 16 damage, and continuing to deal 16 damage every turn after that. The only way to break the beam is for the target of the beam to deal damage to the robot.

When the green and blue robots were defeated, the red robot showed the ability to connect 5 beams to different targets, and, as it had already reached its maximum damage of 16, all targets that still had their beams connected would take 16 damage. The conditions for using this ability are unknown, although it is likely that it required the other 2 robots be beaten, or to reach its maximum output damage.


An ability possessed by the large robots, enabling them to permanently alter their enemies' accessories, race, gender, treasures or abilities.

The pink robot had the ability to focus a beam on a target, and at the end of the target's turn, it would fire, transforming one of their accessories into a different one.

The red, green and blue robots Transverse abilities functioned differently. Their abilities didn't activate immediately, and were more similar to a passive or aura effect, as, once activated, any time the requirement for the ability was met, they would have an effect.

  • The green robot possessed a 'Transverse Race/Gender,' ability, meaning that once activated, any time an enemy took damage, either their race would turn into something else, or their gender would switch into the opposite of what it was.
  • The red robot possessed a 'Transverse Ability' ability, meaning that once activated, any time an enemy used an ability, it would turn into a different ability.
  • The blue robot possessed a 'Transverse Treasure' ability, meaning that once activated, any time an enemy used one of their treasures, it would turn into a different treasure.
Types of Transverse[edit]
Transverse Green Event Icon.png Transverse Red Event Icon.png Transverse Blue Event Icon.png
Race/Gender Ability Treasure
Before Transverse Change Into After
Morgana Marie Icon.png Transverse Green Event Icon.png Male Morgan Marie Icon.png
Sergio Fabioso Male Icon.png Transverse Green Event Icon.png Female Elf Sergio Fabioso Female Icon.png
Bromas Gnome Icon.png Transverse Green Event Icon.png Kobold Bromas Kobold Icon.png

Notable Robots[edit]