Stone Tail

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Stone Tail

Stone Tail KHH.png
Race Stone Tail
First Appearance Kobold Headhunters

Stone Tails are wolves with a rocky appearance that were first seen in Kobold Headhunters.



Stone Tails are small wolves (around 3 ft tall) made of rock, that are fast and agile.


  • A Stone Tail can root itself into the ground to awaken the surrounding environment. It can then control vines to attack its opponents by whipping, grappling, strangling or throwing them. The awakened environment is then referred to as "The Forest". While rooted, Stone Tails are immobile. They can un-root themselves on their turn, deactivating the surrounding environment.
  • They can howl to begin glowing green. Each time they are attacked during the glowing, they can roll another die for an attack. Every time the Forest is attacked, the Stone Tail can roll 2 additional dice. So, if attacked 7 times, the Stone Tail can roll 7 die, plus the original die, for their attack. After they attack, the glowing ends.
  • They can lower their head and growl on one turn, then powerfully charge through their opponents on their next to deal massive damage. The dash can be done as an interrupt.


Kobold Headhunters[edit]

Kopie Ren, Noxel, Romulus and Jack Krysstal, and his first mate Burrito, were asked by the townspeople of Karazzim to hunt a Stone Tail that was terrorising the town, eating Rock Sheep and causing trouble. After a long search, they eventually found the wolf deep inside a forest, alone. The group was able to defeat the wolf with relative ease, and Noxel took the head of the wolf as his prize.

Battle of the Bards[edit]

Ziggy Ziggy and his domesticated Stone Tail, Iggy Iggy, played in the band Ziggy Ziggy and Iggy Iggy. Iggy played a magical keyboard, whilst Ziggy was the main singer, and the other two Dwarves played the bass and drums. The Future Winners stormed the stage in the middle of Ziggy Ziggy and Iggy Iggy's match against Harold, but they ultimately lost to the Dwarf and his Stone Tail. Ziggy Ziggy and Iggy Iggy were unable to win the competition, though, as it is assumed that they lost to Tiefa'ni.

Notable Examples[edit]


  • Stone Tails are the first example of a character rolling a very large number of dice. Prior to Kobold Headhunters, the largest number of dice rolled in a single action was 3, by the Behemoth in The Jewel of the Dingo Isles. The Stone Tail in Kobold Headhunters managed to roll 9 dice in one of its attacks, thanks to its 'root' and 'glow' abilities (although it should have been 10).
  • Despite being the final boss, Rob mentioned that it was possible for the party to use diplomacy with the Stone Tail in Kobold Headhunters. However, as the characters Roamin and Coestar played as, Noxel and Kopie Ren, were both bloodthirsty Berserkers, this didn't occur.
  • The tile for the Stone Tail was used to represent the 'black wolves' in The Blood Snake Queen.