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Campaigns The Silvermine Mountains
SeasonsSeason One

"I'm a rock hard man man."
— Rusty

Rusty is a Dvergr Warrior played by Justin in The Silvermine Mountains. He was one of the prisoners brought in at the start of the campaign by Gwyneth Sunsword. He joined Khn'n-Rell and the other prisoners in their attempt to break out of the prison, but did not become an Ageless being.



Rusty is a male Dvergr with long brown hair, a short brown beard, brown hair on his forearms and calfs, and green eyes. He wears the standard Silvermine Prison garb of a sleeveless grey shirt, tattered grey shorts, a dark grey belt and pair of boots. He has bandages wrapped around his forearms and calves and a golden Anti-Magic collar.


Rusty has a very macho personality. Prior to being brought to the Silvermine Mountains, Rusty was a pay-for hitman, taking pride in his kills and duty. Once incarcerated, he did not show any signs of guilt, admitting what he was in there for. He is quick to assert his dominance with his cellmate. Despite this, he did want to escape the prison, being quick to act in joining in on the other prisoner's escape plans. As a Dvergr, Rusty is quick to act when in danger, turning into Stone Form to avert damage, and what would have inevitably been his death. He has a lot of aggression towards children, having attacked an orphanage prior to being caught, and attacking Unter and Trusty Neconni during a prison riot.


Margaret O'Malley[edit]

Prior to entering the Silvermine Mountains, Margaret O'Malley had hired Rusty to kill the children in his orphanage, leading to their imprisonment. The two seem to have an unsettled debt, Rusty believing he completed the task and is owed money from Margaret, and Margaret believing they are in there because of him.


When picking cells, Rusty was quick to take the cell that was occupied by the Gobolf Shaneil. He quickly asserted his dominance over Shaneil; taking his bed, making him sleep on the toilet and getting his food during meal time. When the two were caught eavesdropping on the meeting between the Cult of Bones worshipers, Rusty dragged Shaneil into the room, which ultimately led to Shaneil's death. Being chained together, Rusty had to carry him back to their cell to avoid suspicion, leaving his corpse there during the escape.


Rusty and Khn'n-Rell entered the prison at the same time. While gathering troops to join the Cult of Bones, Khn'n-Rell attempted to attack Rusty for eavesdropping, but failed due to Rusty's Stone Form. The two came to an understanding, joining forces in Khn'n-Rell's plot.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Dvergr}]
  • [{Class / Warrior}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Blood Thirsty}]
  • [{Attribute / Heartless}]



  • [{Warrior / Charge}]
  • [{Warrior / Tosser}]
  • [{Warrior / Whirlwind}]

Former Abilities[edit]


Former Belongings[edit]

  • Anti-Magic Prison Collar
  • Blacksmith Hammer
  • [{Weapon / Dragonskin Bow}]



Rusty was a hitman for hire, known to kill anything and everything his contracted needed him to. He was hired to slaughter an orphanage for abandoned children by Margaret O'Malley. He was caught by the Elven Military along with his contractor and was sent to the Silvermine Mountains.

The Silvermine Mountains[edit]

Upon entering the Silvermine Mountains, Rusty and Margaret O'Malley were already at odds over their capture, arguing over Rusty's job and effectiveness that led to their arrest. When brought to the cell block, Rusty quickly chose his cell and asserted himself over the occupant Shaneil. Shaneil immediately showed respect for Rusty, and despite the situation, accepted Rusty's new rulings. During meal time, Rusty had Shaneil get both of them fish yogurt, and forced him to sit on the floor. When a riot broke out in the lunchroom, he used the Dragonskin Bow to attack the nearby Unter, before being subdued and having it confiscated by the guards. The following day during mining duty, Rusty, chained to Shaneil, noticed the prisoner Porcs and Khn'n-Reil sneaking away and followed them. They hid away in the entrance way during the meeting between the prisoners before being called out and brought into the room. Fearing they may have been caught, Khn'n-Rell was quick to make an example of Shaneil, killing him on the spot. He would attempt to do the same to Rusty, but Rusty was able to transform into Stone Form prior to being attacked. Knowing of their escape plan, Rusty was able to talk Khn'n-Rell into letting him join their group. Rusty would return to mining and his cell with Shaneil's corpse still chained to him, before breaking the chain. He would later assist Khn'n-Rell in acquiring a book from the guard's break room, and was brought to the Cult of Bones conversion ceremony. Being a Dvergr, he was immune to the ceremony's effects. The ceremony caused the Silvermine Mountains to collapse, forcing him to transform into Stone Form, to avoid being crushed by the rocks falling from the mountain side.


As the Silvermine Mountain was collapsing, Rusty entered his Stone Form. His status is currently unknown, as the statue of him is currently buried among the rubble of the mountain.


  • Because of his Golden Inheritance racial, Justin would have been able to transfer over a treasure to his next character, Chip Chop. Unfortunately all of his treasures were confiscated and this did not come into play.
  • Rusty was the first player Dvergr to follow the speech impediment racial.