Sallazar Thornblade

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This article is about the townsperson from Murder Bros. For the Elven art thief, see Sallazhar Sintour.

Sallazar Thornblade
AffiliationTown of Silverflats
AliasChicken Head
Campaigns Murder Bros

Sallazar Thornblade, also known as Chicken Head, is a resident of Silverflats and appeared in Murder Bros and Buckeroos.



Sallazar is a dwarf male with a mostly shaved head aside from a small tuft of hair at the top of his head. He has a mustache and a hairy chest. He wears a collared shirt with the buttons undone and suspenders.


Sallazar is known for having a short temper, attempting to attack Orvan Weiss when the group mocked him by making chicken sounds. He is also shown to be quite resourcful having a stash of weapons hidden in the bar and supplying useful information to the party. He also states that he doesn't like to snitch to the authorities with most common crimes.


Orvan Weiss[edit]

They do not know each other very well but Orvan knew his nickname, Chicken Head, that only Sallazar's friends can call him. Sallazar also tried to attack Orvan when he mocked him with chicken sounds.

Sly Johnson[edit]

Sallazar's third cousin, Sly has a slight dislike of his cousin due to Sallazar having relations with both of Sly's sisters.

Lann McRoberts[edit]

After the first combat against the Vharks, Sallazar, seeing Lanns great swordsmanship, honored him with his father's sword.

Notable Attributes[edit]

Sallazar is a skilled pianist, he alerted the party in the Buckeroos Campaign when he began playing the piano in the run down bar.

Powers & Abilities[edit]






  • Katana: Stolen by Bubs.



Murder Bros[edit]

In the Murder Bros Campaign he asked the party to quiet down after they got drunk off of E.X.X.X.P. Ale. They proceeded to mock him by making chicken sounds, he attempted to attack Orvan Weiss but Orvan managed to dodge him by pushing his chair back which caused him to accidentally punch Sheriff Hardrock and he was thrown in jail for the night. During the battle at Silverflats he attacked the party wielding a Katana but ended up being knocked unconscious by Borracho's Bottled Wormhole and had his Katana taken away from him by Bubs.