Sallazhar Sintour

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This article is about the Elven art thief. For the townsperson from Murder Bros, see Sallazar Thornblade.

Sallazhar Sintour
Sallazhar Sintour GSPI Puppet.png
AliasSall, Sintour Sallazhar
Campaigns Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator
SeasonsSeason Three

Sallazhar Sintour is an Elf art thief who has the unique ability of being able to travel into and through paintings--to and from anywhere in the Realms.



Sallazhar has long, flowing black hair and a black goatee that matches his smart black suit. He also has green eyes and a pointed face.


Notable Attributes[edit]


Douglass Winechester[edit]

Sallazhar hired Douglass to serve as his bodyguard, and to move all his paintings to a new location if his warehouse was ever compromised. He grew frustrated with Douglass' lack of intelligence, which had lead to the dwarf failing to stop Zeddicus Daniels' attempts to arrest Sallazhar.

Galen Sunsword[edit]

Sallazhar had known Galen since before the Birth of Magic, and Galen had let some of Sallazhar's illegitimate deeds be ignored in the past. Sallazhar likes to toy with Galen and test him to see if he can spot his forgeries.

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Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator[edit]

When Galen Sunsword realized that the spell used to kill Marrel Limboratti was one that only a Divine could have created, he suspected that the murder suspect would have gotten the spell scroll from Sallazhar. After Galen's crew walked through the front door of his warehouse, Sallazhar greeted them with open arms, and chatted with his attorney, Xenthrill Barringster. Zeddicus Daniels was disgusted with Sallazhar's illegal activites, and so Sallazhar pretended to be oblivious to his blatant wrongdoings.

After talking with Galen's crew, Sallazhar offered to play a game with them, by getting them to guess which of his four paintings was the real thing and which were fakes that he himself had forged. Sallazhar was then offended when Galen claimed that the game was far too easy, since Galen had previously taken part in his games before. After the game ended, Zeddicus Daniels returned, having told the authorities the location of the warehouse. Sallazhar was angry and annoyed that Galen had broken his trust, and after being cornered, Sallazhar lept into the painting of the Sexy Kobold that they had just been using in their game. As he escaped, Sallazhar told Douglass Winechester to take care of Galen and his crew.

When Douglass stood down against Galen since he recognized him as an old acquaintance, Zeddicus investigated the rest of the warehouse and found Sallazhar, having left his painting, attempting to gather his belongings before leaving Than'drellfal. Sallazhar attempted to disappear into another nearby painting, but Zeddicus managed to catch his leg and prevent him from doing so. After another battle that was cut short with Douglass, Galen and his crew eventually decided to take Sallazhar and his bodyguards in to be arrested.

A Night to Remember[edit]

Sallazhar appears from a painting in the catacombs of a graveyard, pulling the dying Janah Barringster into it with him and catalyzing her Fate Worse Than Death.


As Sallazhar's power enables him to travel anywhere in the Realms through paintings, his whereabouts are currently unknown.


  • Sallazhar's habit of stealing paintings, his camaraderie with Douglass Winechester, and even his name are directly linked to a character that Rob created in Divinity: Original Sin II.
  • A character by the name of Sintour Sallazhar (Sallazhar Sintour with the words flipped) is the one to announce the Campaign Rewards on the main URealms Website.
    • In the Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator Campaign Rewards post, Sintour Sallazhar stated: "Oh... and what did you think of my former self? I must admit I was a very foolish elf before I joined the Order of Chaos and learned of you. I hope we meet again soon Old Gods, but until then I will continue to paint with the blood you bestow upon me." This alludes to the fact that it is Sallazhar himself writing the Rewards posts later in his life.