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Campaigns The Nuren Campaign

Samantha is an NPC Warrior from The Nuren Campaign.


She appeared during the party's stay in the tavern of Town of Nuren Campaign. Coincidentally, Penwar Lockis' flirting, who mistook her for the bar wench, results in recruiting her as a companion - despite her being warned of Penwar Lockis' apparent mental problems. While talking to Samantha, Penwar Lockis starts thinking very deeply about knowledge of her father. Inky encourages Penwar Lockis to join the party on the basis that "not all of them were girls", suggesting Inky was attracted to Samantha. It is revealed that Penwar was also attracted to Samantha and that Penwar was pansexual. It is said that Penwar and Samantha are connected on a "girl level". Shortly after a sexual innuendo from Blinky that refers to her cleavage displeases her and leads to her abandoning of the party. She tries to slap Blinky but Cawks Stompulous uses Chivalry to take the hit for his brother. After the incident, Samantha thought of the party as "a bunch of scumbags".


Penwar Lockis[edit]

The first member of the party that Samantha encountered was Penwar, and Penwar began to immediately flirt with Samantha - largely because she mistook her for the bar wench. However, Penwar continued to show interest in Samantha even after realising her mistake. Penwar was pansexual and was attracted to Samantha. The two were friends and were said to have connected on a "girl level". Had Samantha had joined the party, she would have instinctively had stayed close to Penwar. It is unknown how Samantha feels about Penwar after her brother Blinky used a sexual innuendo and Penwar herself set fire to the tavern.


Inky seemed very eager for Samantha to join the party, and was involved in encouraging Penwar to accept the warrior's offer to partake on the adventure. It is possible that Inky was attracted to Samantha. This may have lead to conflict with his sister Penwar, who also appeared to have feelings for Samantha. After Blinky upset Samantha, she thought of the party - including Inky - as scumbags.


When first introduced to Samantha by Penwar, Blinky makes an inappropriate comment about his cleavage. Samantha then proceeded to attempt to slap him, but one of his brothers uses Chivalry to take the hit. Clearly, Samantha was very upset with Blinky. His actions caused her to abandon the party and think of the entire group as scumbags.


  • Samantha demanded 300 gold per day when joining the party.
  • She was often referred to as "the Lady Warrior" by Rob.