Sheriff Hardrock

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Sheriff Hardrock
Sheriff Hardrock MB Puppet.png
AffiliationTown of Silverflats
Campaigns Murder Bros

Sheriff Hardrock is a Sheriff played by Rob in Murder Bros. He was the new sheriff over the town of Silverflats and was in charge of protecting the town from the infamous Murder Bros. Sheriff Hardrock was overrun from a violent overtaking from the Murder Bros and was killed by their leader Empusa.



Sheriff Hardrock is a male with a large mustache that connects to his long hair behind him and a small goat patch goatee. Hardrock wears a longsleeve button up collared shirt underneath a vest with torn armholes and a cowboy hat. Hardrock also has his sheriff's badge on the left side of his vest.

Powers & Abilities[edit]



  • Law of The Silverflats: Pass a law that all Players must play by. This law acts as a gameplay rule that all Players must play by and can be as silly or powerful as you like. If a player breaks this law, you or another Ally in range may shoot them for 15 damage.
  • Ultimate Showdown: Call out a Target anywhere on the Battlefield and challenge them to an Ultimate Showdown. You and this Target will roll for your lives and the loser of this roll will be Killed. If the Target doesn't accept this challenge, you can take a cheap shot at any Target on the Battlefield and force them to Death Roll.



  • Electronet Bazooka: Deal 10 damage to a Target and drain any actions they have left. During the next round of combat, they will not be able to use any of their Actions unless an Ally helps free them. This treasure was given to Bubs and later to Tubs.



Not much is known about Sheriff Hardrock, but it is known that he became the sheriff of Silverflats after the previous sheriff was killed by the Murder Bros, he then banished the gang from the town, forcing them to lay low while they preformed a job under his nose. He and their leader, Empusa, began a very public relationship which Empusa used as a cover.

Murder Bros[edit]

Sheriff Hardrock met Empusa in the tavern of Silverflats while her gang was tasked with getting information about the location of the train schedule. While the two eloped at the bar, a brief scuffle between Chicken Head and the newest member of the Murder Bros, Orvan Weiss, erupted behind them. The scuffle caused Chicken Head to accidentally hit the Sheriff in the back of the head. He and another patron of the bar then dragged Chicken Head out and Hardrock was not seen again until the Murder Bros returned.

While the Murder Bros were stealing the train schedule, Hardrock had the town prepare for the return of the gang. He had them board up the windows and doors while arming themselves against the murderous bandits. Once they return, he also accepted the fleeing Jessabelle Marie, who was kidnapped by the bandits. Now armed with a powerful wizard, Hardrock waited for the Murder Bros. However, the Murder Bros proved to be more than capable of killing off most of the towns folk. Hardrock called for a showdown, his few men against the Murder Bros in full force. All it took was Johnny Feo to single handedly take out most of his remain forces. This forced them to run into the train station where the final battle took place.


Hardrock lost the battle of Silverflats and was killed at point blank range by Empusa, failing in keeping his town safe from the bandits.


  • While not confirmed, Sheriff Hardrock's design appears to be modeled after the famous gunslinger Wild Bill Hickok.
  • Originally a bar fight would occur at the start of the campaign. Sheriff Hardrock would then enter, High Noon, and one shot all of the patrons rendering them unconscious with sleep bullets, but seeing as a bar fight never arose this did not occur.