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URealms Side Quest Campaigns are pre-recorded campaigns between Seasons of the Live Show. These campaigns allow Deadbones to be the GM, Rob to be a player, and a greater possibility of guests.

Side Quest Campaigns[edit]

# Campaign Description Airdate
Guild Of Explorers
The crew which has been assigned a quest from the Guild of Explorers to find the 'Secret Scrolls of the Sandbold' sets out into the desert in an attempt to find them. December 4, 2015
Battle of the Bards
The crew play as performers in a competition of performers called the Battle of the Bards. February 5, 2016
The Blood Snake Queen
A team of mercenaries is sent to kill the Blood Snake Queen. February 29, 2016
The Death of Virgo
A team of Elven Military led by Virgo Sunsword go on an adventure. April 10, 2016