Silvermine Mountains (Location)

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Silvermine Mountains (Location)

Home To Prisoners and The Ageless One
First Appearance The Sunswords

The Silvermine Mountains are mountains featuring a mine where prisoners of the Elves are sent off to, to be put to work. It was built on top of the Divine Being worshipped by the Cult of Bones. A few members of the Cult Of Bones re-awakened The Ageless One in The Silvermine Mountains campaign, causing the mountain to cave in, killing many of those in the mountains at the time.


Silver Mine Entrance


Porc Hunters[edit]

In Porc Hunters, Chimera was being taken to the Silvermine Mountains by Dave and a group of Elves.

The Sunswords[edit]

In the Sunswords, Gwyneth and her Sunblades were transporting some prisoners to the Silvermine Mountains. The mountain was mentioned and the gate was shown but the inside was never visible.

The New Crew[edit]

In the New Crew, Merci and the Crew of the Bocoe were captured and on their way to the Silvermine Mountains but they were saved by Bopen when he attacked Virgo's Ship. Maelstrom also mentioned that his brother was on his way to the Silvermine Mountains, but his identity is unknown.

The Silvermine Mountains[edit]

The entire campaign takes place inside the Silvermine Mountains. In it, Kallark Gandolin, in an attempt to rescue Unter and Trusty Neconni, ends up releasing the prisoners, allowing Khn'n-Rell to perform a ritual, turning his fellow Cult of Bones members into skeletons, and awakening The Ageless One, thus causing the mountain to collapse.

Notable Prisoners[edit]

Caravan To Carry the Prisoners

Escaped Prisoners[edit]


Status Unknown[edit]

Notable Guards[edit]

Escaped Guards[edit]



  • Captain Merci hinted that the Silvermine Mountains may not simply be a prison, but also a rehabilitation/correction center.
    • This, however, may have been a lie told to him by the elves. It also was set up for the finale had the Philhipé story been picked, as the Silvermine Mountains would have been a rehabilitation center in that story.
  • The Silvermine Mountains are actually used to mine a powerful silver that rich and powerful Elves eat to become immortal. It turns out that this silver is actually a part of The Ageless One.