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The Sins of the Unforgotten is a special Meta level event that happens in URealms that first appeared in Okagnoma Guild Hall. Not much is known about the mysterious sins other than they are triggered by the Old Gods through Supporter Events and Divine Decisions. Sins are generally given when characters "cheat" the system. The first person to fail a basic Death Roll after five characters are marked by a Sin receives a fate worse than death.


What is known about the events surrounding one marked with a Sin is that the Old Gods influence the world by purchasing a Supporter Event that directly inflicts a Sin. When a character that is being controlled by an Old God dies, the Sin Event is triggered. On one instance, the character simply survived their fatal encounter, unscathed, but recalling how close to death they were. On another, the events surrounding the death of the character are rewound to a point where the character is then able to avoid the fatal encounter. The character then flinches back in pain, a sin appearing on their body, and recalls everything that lead to their original death.

It is revealed in Lyn Azveltara Gaiden that characters can be temporarily marked with a Sin. If the Old Gods trigger a specific Sin related Supporter Event that afflicts a specific character, then that character is marked with a Sin for the current adventure. Should the character NOT perish and activate the Sin, then once the adventure is concluded, the Sin is removed from the character. Lyn Azveltara Gaiden also revealed that characters Marked with Sins can hear the conversations that the Old Gods that control them have. This allows them to act on Meta level information that they otherwise would never be able to have.

What then happens to the Sinners is unknown, nor what happens to the character who receives a fate worse than death.

List of Sins[edit]

The First Sin[edit]

The First Sin was activated when student Lola van Drych touched a Froststone summoned by Believer Dalfgan in Okagnoma Guild Hall. When she touched the stone, Lola was thrown by the explosion and died. However, the Old Gods had purchased the First Sin, allowing it to save Lola's life by shielding her from the explosion, saving her from damage.

The Second Sin[edit]

The Second Sin was activated when Explorer Lunk was at the center of three Whelplings releasing fire blasts. Lunk died from the attack, but the Old Gods had activated the Second Sin, causing Lunk's death to be reversed, allowing him to escape from death. Just before he does, he notices a Sin appear on his wrist.

This is the first visual that we see of a Sin on a character.

The Third Sin[edit]

The Third Sin was activated when Galen Sunsword casted Greater Lay on Hands to heal his allies in the fight against Venomburner in The Grand Paladin Order. By doing this, he revived the recently deceased Heathera Stonemason, which caused him and Gwyneth Sunsword to recoil in pain, as Galen received the Third Sin for this resurrection. It is currently unknown as to why Gwyneth called out in pain, or if she has a Sin as well.

The Fourth Sin[edit]

The Fourth Sin was activated when Maelstrom had his pleas for truth answered by the Old Gods. The Fourth Sin allowed Maelstrom to know his true role as a character in an internet show, allowing him to slowly become a Sun Dragon God by twisting the rules of URealms.

The Fifth Sin[edit]

The Fifth Sin was activated when the Old Gods chose for Maelstrom to heal Ghostblade of his wounds, giving Ghostblade the Fifth Sin. As this was the Fifth Sin, a Fate Worse than Death befell the next Player Character to fail a basic Death Roll, Janah Barringster.

The Sixth Sin[edit]

The Sixth Sin was activated when Astar used his knowledge to cast Greater Lay on Hands during his fight with the Grand Paladin, ressurecting his fallen allies, inflicting himself with the Sixth Sin. Notably, this act of ressurection brought Ageless back as living creatures.

Sinned Characters[edit]

Character Campaign Sin Number Player
Lola van Drych Icon.png Lola van Drych Okagnoma Guild Hall First Sin DeadBones
Lunk Icon.png Lunk Den of Devils Second Sin Coestar
Galen Sunsword Icon.png Galen Sunsword The Grand Paladin Order Third Sin Rob
Maelstrom Icon.png Maelstrom The Sandbolds Fourth Sin Rob
Ghostblade Icon.png Ghostblade The Last Beenu Fifth Sin Rob
Astar Icon.png Astar The Yes King Sixth Sin Spiff

Sin Events[edit]

Event Name Icon Flavor Text Campaign Character
The First Sin The First Sin Event Icon.png The first time a Player Character dies from a Death Roll, this event will be triggered and prevent the Death. Wait a second... you shouldn't be able to donate for this. You're ruining my story! This is cheating! You shouldn't be messing with the fate of characters like this no matter how much you like them! Don't donate for this!

If this Donation Event is triggered after being funded, it will cause a Sin of the Unforgotten. After the 5th Sin of the Unforgotten, a FATE WORSE THAN DEATH will fall upon the next Player Character to fail a Death Roll.

Okagnoma Guild Hall Lola van Drych
The Second Sin The Second Sin Event Icon.png The first time a Player Character fails a Death Roll during this Campaign, this event will be triggered and prevent the Death. You shouldn't mess with Sins of the Unforgotten, the Characters you save will never be the same. The price to save your favorite Characters is higher than anything you can imagine. Death is the only Ending. Choose it wisely.

If this Donation Event is triggered after being funded, it will cause a Sin of the Unforgotten. After the 5th Sin of the Unforgotten, a FATE WORSE THAN DEATH will fall upon the next Player Character to fail a Death Roll.

Note: The Character Roamin made during Character Creation this week is unable to Sin due to him being a Believer. Because of this, I'll allow the Sin to be also potentially applied to Karl Landers, Michael Langstrom, and Slippery Knuckles Malone (Roamin's characters from previous shows).

Den of Devils Lunk
Hyper Honor Chains Hyper Honor Chains Event Icon.png Galen having mastered the Honor Chains spells causes multiple copies of it at once and rips a spiders which instantly kills the spider. The XP from killing a spider with this Event is worth twice as much.

This donation event will give Galen Sunsword a copy of Greater Lay on Hands which he would use if a character dies.

The Grand Paladin Order Galen Sunsword
Absolute Proof Absolute Proof Event Icon.png Answer Maelstrom's plea to be shown the truth of the Old Gods by causing a Sin of the Unforgotten. By seeing this truth for himself, Maelstrom now understands that he is a nothing more then a Character in this very little internet show called URealms Live! This understanding of us, the Old Gods, has now perverted his own moralities. If Maelstrom is simply a Character in a story forced to play a role with no true free will of his own, then it is not him who commits atrocities, but us. This bending of his own moral beliefs has allowed Maelstrom to take advantage of the very rules of his universe to allow a non-pure being the ability to ascend to the levels of godhood. Maelstrom will take his first steps into become a Sun Dragon God himself and transform into a wild, out of control Whelpling as he attempts to control his own newly found power.

For every Character killed by Maelstrom in this encounter, the Party is awarded 500 XP! Maelstrom's divinity will make him immortal to most attacks and his overwhelming divine power will cause any attack or spell he uses to cast Brutal Death Rolls. The Sandbolds will be wiped out and the Order of Chaos will officially be born at this moment in time should this event trigger.

The Sandbolds Maelstrom
Freedom Divine Decision S3C8 Freedom.jpg The Old Gods will cure Ghostblade of the ailments that have crippled and caused him to be imprisoned by the Sandbolds for over half a century. This will cause a Sin on Ghostblade's arm and force a fate worse than death onto the next Player Character who dies from a Basic Death Roll in future Campaigns. The Last Beenu Ghostblade


  • So far, the Sins of the Unforgotten have been related to Death Rolls, and have been used to cheat them.
    • This was however changed during The Last Beenu, where the fifth and final sin was given during the Divine Decision. No matter which option was picked, the fifth sin would have been given.
  • Believers are unable to gain Sins of the Unforgotten, as said by Rob in the Den of Devils Support Events.
  • The Sins of the Unforgotten was a Mechanic in the original Unforgotten Realms cartoon, in which any time a Character cheated in the Over world (rigging the game, moving characters to places they couldn't be in, etc.), they were given a Sin. Once they accumulated all five Sins, their character was to be taken over by an Evil Guardian of the Realm who had also committed 5 Sins.
  • The Blood of the Old Gods could have caused the fourth sin, if Fjord Stormstick hadn't failed to use it.[1]
  • "BE WARY OLD GODS. While Characters with your mark cannot die, these marked Characters will slowly lose themselves to become your servants overtime." - Born To Sin Donation, Lyn Azveltara Gaiden.
  • Astar is the first Ageless member to be marked with a sin.
  • The first non-event sin happened during The Yes King when Spiff used Greater Lay on Hands to revive 5 characters, which is the most amount of characters revived with greater lay on hands so far.