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Sixelona Profile.png
Real NameNikki
"Professional Boobsmith!"
— Sixelona's ending credit for Season 2.

Sixelona, also known by her personal name Nikki, is an artist for the Buffalo Wizards. Six became the artist of the Supporter Events starting in Season Two of URealms Live, following Nick Graves who was the animator for the Season One campaigns. In Season 3, she also became the artist for the official character designs used for the class and race cards in the Tabletop Simulator mod. Sixelona creates concept art for creatures, monsters, and characters.

Six's girlfriend, Kelli, also known as RainbowCrisp assisted with the colors of the supporter events.

Sixelona also created the shirts; NO TRICKS, URealms Live, Yes? and URealms Live, AHEM.


  • Sixelona has said that, if she was a character in the URealms universe, she would like to be a Keen with the class of Enchanter.
    • She also randomly rolled the attributes of Alpha and Durable, although she vehemently disagrees with the former.
  • Before doing animations for Urealms, Sixelona stated she avoided drawing beards. She has since been forced to overcome this hangup due to the sheer number of beards in the show.
  • Sixelona worked with Rob previously on the animations for the Pokemon Music video Hatching eggs

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