Snitch McGitch

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Snitch McGitch
Snitch McGitch MB Puppet.png
AffiliationTown of Silverflats
AliasUrkle McDurkle

Snitch McGitch was a resident of the town of Silverflats. He has been seen in the tavern, and likes to interrupt the conversations of others, as he believes he may be of help.


"Snitch" is a known snitch, and has eavesdropped on many conversations, and has gone and told others of his findings. He has, in the past, told the Barkeep's wife of his thoughts to spend time away from her, and he has told Sheriff Hardrock of previous Murder Bros plans.


"Snitch McGitch" is a Dwelf with a large white beard and a seemingly constant smile upon his face. He wears a hat which covers his hair, and his eyes bulge out, as he often stares intently at others.

Powers & Abilities[edit]


Spellslinger Abilities[edit]



Not many people in Silverflats like "Snitch", as he has often betrayed their trust in the past, after telling others of their secrets or plans, which earned him his nickname.

Murder Bros[edit]


After consistently taunting Johnny Feo as he dodged his gun shots, and even turning his gun back on him, "Snitch" got too cocky, leading him to take a point blank shot, blasting him back into the bar.


  • "Snitch" was originally called Urkle McDurkle, but after the Barkeep referred to him as "Snitch", the name stuck.