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AffiliationGrand Paladin Order
Campaigns Unexpected Discovery

"At times like these, I think it's best to turn to the Light."
— Sonya
"I don't have any SOCIAL sense."
— X-θ-2934 "Larry"

Sonya is a Hill Dwarf Paladin Templar played by Deadbones in Unexpected Discovery. Sonya is a long time member of the Grand Paladin Order and joined Bromas and Raynel on an expedition into the Beenu ruins of Zelfatar.



Sonya is a robust Dwarf with years of experience of working under the Paladin Order, and her body shows it. Most of her limbs have been replaced with cybernetic enhancements, with her left arm being entirely cybernetic and sentient. She wears her hair in a ponytail, but has one side of her hair shaved, likely a remainder of the extensive surgeries she's been put through.


Sonya is a very dedicated Paladin, serving her order even after the experiments she underwent. She is loyal to her commanding officer, but is often quick to judge the Guild of Explorers as being greedy or liars. Though she was quick to change her mind when evidence proved otherwise, she was still skeptical about them. She is very sarcastic and blunt, but can be kind to her teammates, even helping out Raynel while she was suffering from blindness. She is also somewhat bitter towards the gnomes of the Paladin Order and the medical benefits her job provides her.

A strong believer of the Light, Sonya shows a level of piety. In times of trouble, she occasionally reminds her fellow companions to turn to the Light as well.


Sonya was very much in the center of most of the group's dynamics. With her fellow members of the Grand Paladin Order, she was very loyal to her Commanding Officer Bromas, following his lead even though she felt that Karl Landers was leading them on. She was also very helpful to Raynel, assisting her in her time of need when she was suffering from blindness. However, she did take a moment to tease her a bit.

With the Guild of Explorers, Sonya was very distrusting of the group initially. Her interactions are more centered on Karl Landers, who disproved her initial assumption that he was leading them into an ambush as Karl quickly defeated the ambushers single-handedly.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Dwarf}]
  • [{Class / Templar}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Reborn}]
  • [{Attribute / Deformed}]


  • [{Paladin / Divine Favor}]
  • [{Templar / Aura of Piety}]
  • [{Templar / Aura of Strength}]
  • [{Templar / Aura of Wisdom}]
  • [{Passive / Arcane Conduit}]
  • [{Passive / Parachute Leggings}]


  • [{Cabalist / Nearsight}]
  • [{Booty Raider / Coin of Providence}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Avalanche EX}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Draggin Lightning EX}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Little Hat Trick}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • Dragon Glass Shield
  • [{Treasure / Flashing Light Sword}]
  • [{Weapon / Bronze Axe}]

Former Belongings[edit]



Larry Sixelona.png
Capable of SpeechYes
Campaigns Unexpected Discovery

X-θ-2934, more commonly known as Larry, is an Elemech played by Deadbones in the Unexpected Discovery campaign. It has 50 stamina, and has used Avalanche and Draggin Lightning with Little Hat Trick.



Larry was built by the Beenu as just another Elemech serving them. However after the Beenu died off, Larry was left in a Beenu catacomb and with most of his functions ceased and unable to move, Larry waited there for his masters for several of thousands of years. Eventually, the Gnomes found Larry and dismantled him. When Larry regained functionality, he was the arm of Sonya.

Unexpected Discovery[edit]



Sonya was a lowly member of the Grand Paladin Order and was given the task of transporting some unknown cargo for them. The caravan was attacked, which caused the cargo, a Gnomish experimental bomb, to be accidentally detonated. The bomb killed the members of the Order and the bandits, but left Sonya barely surviving, missing most of her limbs, with the ones she hadn't lost end up very damaged. Not having enough money for proper limb regrowth, the Gnomes of the Grand Paladins offered her the choice of being in an experimental treatment with Elemech technology. She agreed, fusing her with the Elemech known as X-θ-2934, otherwise known as Larry, and fitting her with new limbs.

Unexpected Discovery[edit]

Nikers Fontain, Denzik and Karl meet with Raynel on the outskirts of a Beenu dungeon and begin to talk about the various artifacts that the Grand Paladin Order would like. Sonya then joins up with her fellow Paladins, and they began talking about navigating the dungeon, while waiting for the last member of the Paladin Order to join them. As the group begins to enter the dungeon, their last member, No-Eye Bromas joins the group, leading to an awkward reunion between Bromas and Raynel. The party of adventurers then decide to begin their exploration, only to find a group of Porcs just outside of the Beenu Dungeon.

These Porcs are carrying out giant Beenu Statues and appear to be another group of Adventurers. Karl recognizes the group as former Guild members ran by the Porc Papi Pombo. While the adventurers discuss their plans, Sonya's robotic arm, Larry, decides to show his stuff and fires their pistol. Now Pombo's group of Porcs begin to surround the Adventurers, forcing them into a fight. Karl takes the the ambushing Porcs out of the fight by himself, leaving the rest of the group to take out the remaining members of Pombo's bandits. Seeing the carnage and strength of Karl, Pombo surrenders and offers himself and his remaining porcs to becoming the "Porcs of Karl." Now reinforced with the band of Warrior, Swashbuckler and Berserker Porcs, Bromas explains that the Beenu Machines can be damaged by citrus acid, and enter the Beenu Dungeon.

The adventurers begin to investigate the first room of the dungeon, where they find a wall of text written in ancient Beenu. After a failed attempt by Raynel, they have Sonya's Elemech Arm, known as Larry, translate the text, only for it to be revealed to be a map. After an argument between Sonya and Karl breaks out, the skeletons laying around the dungeon begin to reanimated. Bromas attempts to be diplomatic in an effort to find the living Beenu that Karl had promised, but to no effect, leaving the group to attack the skeletons. After quickly dispatching them, the group descends further into the dungeon, agreeing that diplomacy is the incorrect method of dealing with this dungeon. They come across a long dark hallway covered in arrow traps. They attempt to ease their way through it, with Sonya leading with her shield. However, the arrows begin to fire, splitting off Sonya and the group. The group decides to dash through and take the arrows as they run through. The group survives the trap, with Papi Pombo triggering his Sun Wolf Wolverine transformation.

Now onto the next challenge, the group finds a a large hole blocking the path. Raynel attempts to block the hole, but gets sprayed in the face by a funk. This gives Raynel blindness and makes her hallucinate the image of a talking Funk named Isabella. Now with Raynel blind, the group begins to figure out how to cross the hole. They decide to put the blinded Raynel on the back of the Sun Wolf Papi and have him jump across the pit successfully. Sonya then decides that it's time to look to the Light and asks Bromas to wish for Lascene to teleport the whole group across. He does so, allowing the whole party to cross the cavern.

The group ventures further into the dungeon, in which they find a room that resembles the one from the Zarlin Catacombs. A nervous Bromas explains that the Elemech Robots transform the body and mind of anyone who touches them, citing his own traumatic experiences and his desire to reverse-engineer the machines so he might be able to be returned to normal. The group decides to have the easily-convinced Porcs enter the room in their stead and defeat the robots. The Porcs enter the room and begin a heated battle with the Robots, nearly destroying them completely, and return to their Kobold Master with most of the Porcs transformed into something else.

Raynel, informed by the Funk, begins trying to leading the group out to the next room. This causes the adventurers to run after Raynel, triggering a trap, releasing a large boulder chasing the group. The adventurers outrun the boulder and duck in a nearby alcove as the boulder rolls into an abyss. A few moments pass and another boulder rolls by and so on for a few minutes until the rest of the group catches up.

After a minute to catch their breath, a Beenu War Machine breaks the bridge ahead of them and begins a fight against the group. The group gives it all they have, destroying one of the large mechanical hands, and the War Machine transforms into a smaller mechanical bird that began playing music. The mechanical bird builds a new bridge and floats neutrally in the air.

As Denzik attempts to cross the newly made bridge, the mechanical bird begins speak an ill omen of Dragons and death. The adventurers however, fail to understand the meaning, and continue on as the mech shuts down. The adventurers come across a large treasure room and began to loot it. Papi Pombo begins passing out Porco Sangrio and hosting a celebration for a successful campaign. Papi gathers the adventurers around and begin telling campfire stories, and the group began swapping their stories. However during the story telling, a mysterious hooded apparition approaches the group. Before they could confront this mysterious person, Karl interjects and began telling his story. At the end of the story, the mysterious person reveals that it is a Beenu. The Beenu explains that they were the caretakers of the realm, building technology long before the Birth of Magic. However, as they progressed as a culture, they somehow killed the dragon Phanto, causing the Birth of Magic. With the birth of magic came the introduction of death and decay into the world. The Beenu, lacking any means to procreate, quickly died out. The Beenu Apparition then grants the adventurer three questions. After fixing Raynel's sight making a map of Beenu sites and answering the questions, the Apparition disappears and tells the group that a Divine exists behind a large wall in the cavern.

The group begins attempting to break through the wall. They break through and enter in a room that looks to be infused with lava, but is not too hot to touch. They enter the room but don't see anything until they look up. Just then a Whelpling falls from the ceiling and lands. During this, the Sigil of Flame awakens inside of Denzik, letting him lead the charge against the Whelpling, and the group attacks the giant flaming lizard. As the battle continues on, a curious sword falls from the ceiling and cuts a large stone in half, firmly embedding itself into the rock. Half of the group attacks the Whelpling while the other half attempts to retrieve the sword. Bromas finally draws the sword, however it does no good, as the Whelpling had rendered the altered Porcs of Karl beaten and bruised. Bromas orders for a retreat and the Adventurers follow suit, running towards the exit as the Whelpling hunts them down. The group finds the exit. Now only having two Porcs, Sonya, Raynel, Denzik and Karl exit the Dungeon. Bromas, Pombo and the other altered porcs fell against the Whelpling.


Sonya survives the ordeal and makes her way out of the Dungeon along with her Paladin companion Raynel.