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Sorcerer Card.png
Class CardSorcerer Class Card

"A hybrid melee caster that combines magic with their physical strikes."
— Season 3 Class Card description

The Sorcerer Class of URealms Live is gifted in the magical arts. Sorcerers use a variety of multi-purpose skills to buff allies, reposition, confuse, or even stun foes with spells, before following up with a swing of their own weapon to finish the foe off.

Notable Sorcerers[edit]

Sorcerer Legendaries[edit]


  • Yumi was the character to be featured on the Sorcerer's cards for Season 2.
  • In Guild of Explorers, Patrick Cake was able to use Blink and bring someone with him on a Critical Success.
    • This ability was later made to be a part of the Blink spell.