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Campaigns Band of Thieves, The Unseen Rogues
SeasonsSeason One

"Ya guess what I snuck around you cause I'm a thief!"
— Squinks

Squinks (/skwɪnks/) is a Keen Bard portrayed by Deadbones in Band of Thieves. "Bronze-Tongue" Squinks was the second in command of Yumi's Thieves Guild, but was often more concerned about self preservation.



Squinks is a male Keen with very pale skin, white hair of medium length, small patch of hair on his chin and red eyes. Squinks wears a long sleeve, black undershirt that is accented with purple, light purple pants and deep purple boots. He has a pair of elbow length light purple gloves that are accented with bright purple near the end. He has a brown belt with a large pouch and golden buckles as well.

On top of his traditional clothing, Squinks has silver plate armor on his chest, a bright red cloak that is fastened by the emblem of Yumi's Thieves to show his 'loyalty'. He has a pair of goggles with black tinted glass, but they do nothing.


Like Yumi, Squinks often puts his own needs ahead of those of his allies. He is a master of deception, often taking control of enemies using his compelling aura and sneaking around in a clever disguise.



Squinks knew Yumi for quite a long time, and was the second in command of Yuni's band of thieves. However, he is not willing to risk himself on Yumi's behalf, and understands that she wouldn't do so for him. Squinks cared for his own gain more than he did about Yumi, and thus betrayed the party.


Squinks respected Gracias as a combatant and thief, but was not willing to save him when he betrayed the group.


Squinks did not respect Bumbley as he was the only dwarf in the party, and would often gang up on him with Yumi.


Squinks and Philhipé had a poor relationship, as Squinks was not fond of Kobolds.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Keen}]
  • [{Class / Bard}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Thief}]
  • [{Attribute / Criminal}]



  • [{Bard / Charm}]
  • [{Bard / Disguise}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Armor / Plate Armor}]
  • [{Consumable / Crystal Catalyst}]
  • [{Potion / Healing Potion}]
  • [{Treasure / Frog Stick Totem}]
  • [{Weapon / Warp Blade}]

Former Belongings[edit]

  • Spellwall Armor



Not much is known about Squinks' early life, other than he had a history with Yumi as a partner in crime prior to the events at the Sunsword Village.

Band of Thieves[edit]

Squinks was second in command for Yumi during their quest to steal the Sun Key from the Sunblades (A quest commissioned by Nisovin himself). The group begins their quest at a crossroads. They have to decided whether they will enter a Kobold owned gem cave, or continue through the forest. Deciding that the cave would be more direct, they decide to try and travel through the cave. They are impeded by a Kobold telling them they cannot walk through, on the basis that they will most likely steal whatever gems they find. Yumi attempts to reason with the Kobolds and soon, is on good terms with the scout. The scout goes to get their leader. The leader is much harder to deal with and upon Bumbley is a dwarf, the kobolds immediately start attacking.

Battle begins between the two parties, during which two Whirlwind Brothers and 10 hostile Gemlings join the fight. The Gemlings, posing little threat, are quickly destroyed by the Kobolds. Gracias flanks the Kobold party, and pauses to give Pete a hug. In doing so, Pete becomes friendly to Gracias, and they both sit out to spectate the rest of the encounter. Dwarf No. 3 is then infected with rabies by a Whirlwind Brother under the charm of Squinks. Once all the aggressive Kobolds are rendered dead or unconscious, Gracias introduces Pete to the rest of the party, and Pete is formally accepted and renamed Philhipé by Yumi. Dwarf No. 3 is also renamed Kobold No. 4 to prevent similar conflicts from occurring again.

The party then continues through the cave. Upon realizing his old boss is gone, Philhipé asks to do what his old boss never let him do. Lick the giant gemstone in the middle of the cave. Yumi allows it. However upon K-4 licking the gemstone, it erupts int a massive Gemlord. In the course of battle, the Gemlord grows arms and spawns more Gemlings upon being hit, as well as Amplifying Crystals that reflect its giant laser beam. The team uses various techniques of attacking the Gemlord, including charming it and enlarging Kobold No. 4. Despite spawning dozens of Gemlings, the Gemlord is eventually defeated and shatters into pieces, and the surviving Gemlings turn passive.

After the fight, they encounter Nessie the Bridge Troll and his pet Eaglebear who tell the party that they can only pass if they give him a treasure. Nessie, having an ironic hatred of gnomes, refuses to let any pass. However Squinks gives him his Spellwall Armor and changes his mind. After the whole party crosses the bridge they encounter a small encampment of elves. However with Gracias's fog, they slip past rather easily. Around the corner they encounter a path lined with Blood Snakes and at the end a Cobra King. Squinks dashes ahead of the others, is weakened by the spit and Blood Snakes, and retreats beyond the Cobra King. Philhipé is accidentally shot by Gracias, but is able to use a Blood Snake as a tourniquet for the wound. Determined to protect Gracias, he takes out multiple Blood Snakes around them with little effort. Kobold No. 4, Yumi, and Gracias deal damage to the King Cobra, and Kobold No. 4 slices its head off, sending the living Blood Snakes back into the forest.

Squinks is found by the group waiting in a mountain cave next to the Elf town containing the Sun Key. Kobold No. 4 gives himself the nickname of K4, and starts to show resistance to Yumi's leadership. Philhipé is informed of the band's goal, and the group plans to send Squinks into the town, disguised as a child Elf. Squinks enters the town's church, meeting Gwyneth Sunsword and her Sunblade Elves. Instead of diverting them out of the church as was planned, Squinks betrays the band by divulging their group's location in the cave. One of the Sunblades, Dave, supervises Squinks as Gwyneth and the others go to investigate the cave. Squinks then charms Dave after breaking his own disguise. The two decide to pretend that Squinks was captured by Dave and put in jail.

Later on the party stumbles upon the jail sees Squinks inside. Yumi freezes Dave before spotting Squinks in the cell. Squinks raises the group's suspicion by giving conflicting info about his actions. He suddenly orders Dave to blow his horn, alerting other Elves. The group refuses to free Squinks and goes to hide.

The Unseen Rogues[edit]

Squinks was momentarily spotted helping Chase and the Unseen Rogues fight off the party. However after seeing the battle go south he flees. It is unknown whether this happens before or after the events in Band of Thieves.


It is unknown whether Band of Thieves or The Unseen Rogues is more recent in the timeline. If Band of Thieves is more recent, then Squinks was last seen fleeing the unnamed village from Gwyneth's troops. If Unseen Rogues is more recent, then Squinks was last seen fleeing from the battle between the Unseen Rogues and Mona's crew.


  • Squinks, like many of Deadbones' human-like characters, may suffer from Albinism, as he has pale skin, red eyes and white hair.
    • This is due to the artist, RadioactiveK, implementing Deadbones' own avatar (A skeleton adorned with purple clothing) into his URL Characters.
  • Squinks, along with Blinky, are the only two Deadbones Characters that do not reference a character from the Marvel Comics universe in Season One.
  • In The Unseen Rogues, it was possible for the party to recruit Squinks to join them.
    • Any other player character could have come into the The Unseen Rogues campaign by the player rolling the highest die. Deadbones rolled the highest so he got Squinks in the campaign.
    • If they won the encounter, then Squinks would join them if he was the first character to be knocked unconscious.
    • If they lost the encounter, them Squinks would join them if he was the character to deal the final blow.
  • Squinks is the first player made character to appear in another campaign, The Unseen Rogues.
  • Squinks was the character represented on the Gnome Race card in Season 2.
  • Deadbones has stated that, given the opportunity to replay any chacter of his, he would probably choose Squinks, stating his interest in redoing the character and exploring him further.
  • Squinks is the only player character from Band of Thieves not to be the featured character for a class in Season 2.