The Sunswords Military

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This article is about the army of the Elven Sunswords Family. For other uses, see Sunsword (Disambiguation).

The Sunswords Military

Members Many
Status Active
First Appearance Band of Thieves

The Sunswords Military is an Elven Military led by the Sunsword Family. They were led by Virgo Sunsword, until his head was cut off by Bopen. It is now unknown who leads the Sunsword Military.


It is unknown when the Sunsword Military faction was formed, but it is known that Virgo Sunsword trapped The Ageless One in the Silvermine Mountains, granting the elves their longevity.

Years later, Virgo has a family of his own, a daughter named Gwyneth Sunsword, a son named Galen Sunsword, and 5 others. Virgo has also retired his name in the Sunsword family, and has entrusted all of his children with a Sun Key. Virgo continues to head out on personal expeditions, such as searching for missing soldiers and to reclaim one of these Sun Keys from the Crew of the Bocoe. Meanwhile, Gwyneth deals with transporting criminals to the Silvermine Mountains prison and guarding a Sun Key in the Spellblade's Village, and dealing with the Ageless threat that has come from Golestandt's Awakening.







There are several Sunsword outposts seen throughout several campaigns:

  • Spellblade's Village: The Spellblade's village is lead by Gwyneth Sunsword and contains a mysterious orange key.
  • Danevur: A village formerly under the protection of Captain Ca-Rell from Theta Squad.
  • Silvermine Mountains: The interior of a mountain improvised to be a jail by Virgo Sunsword. It held the Ageless One until its eventual reawakening.
  • "Snowbold" Outpost: A nearly abandoned outpost inhabited by Reginald Barringster III. It is located near a Snowbold Den.
  • "Sunsword City": The large, main hub of all Sunsword operations. The entrance to Dalfgan's lair in the Realm of Shadows is said to lie under it.

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