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Still dropping the ball on this page gang

Rob (Talkcontribs)

"Only Elves, High Bears, Beenu, Dragon Aspects, wild unintelligent Kobolds, and Divine Beings lived in the lands."  How is this canon? There were no animals? I made it clear certain races were not around, but what about Gnolls? Shezaite? What about races we haven't even met yet? When you write sentences like this, you end up hurting the wiki overall gang. Only write what you know is true because it's a proven fact in the world or stated by me as a Gamemaster, not a character. I'm not even sure where this sentence came from.

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Astora (Talkcontribs)

I know this page needs a massive overhaul, especially with format, but I would like to know if we should create pages for things such as the "Schools of Magic" as well as each school such as "Light Magic" and such. Should we go full-on in-depth Elder Scrolls Wiki Lore mode where we make a page for each type of Magic and place and item, or should we just keep it as simple and casual as possible, and leave the more obvious things without pages?

This is also a wiki-wide question just for more pages for specifics. We have pages for the Spell of Bearding but we don't have pages for all Spell/Ability stuff. We have pages for some places such as Dundinborough, but not all areas of the Realm. We also (I understand why, but it still seems odd to me and makes the system of finding out information weird) redirect to items on the URealms website instead of integrate key items into the wiki.

If anyone could clear this up for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I honestly would be down (even though it would take a ridiculously long time doing so) making a page for pretty much every ability, spell, area, person, etc. I understand that with the system on the website already having been made and updated by Rob officially, we technically don't have to make these pages and some might see it as unnecessary, but I would enjoy doing it.

None of this is my place to judge or change or anything, and I'm not complaining, just trying to figure out what should/shouldn't or can/can't be created and regulated on this wiki, because to my knowledge and experience it seems sometimes unregulated. Should we put in (or are there already) regulations against certain pages being created or can we create pages on every little thing?

Thank you for reading.

Astora (Talkcontribs)

I suppose I will refrain from creating pages then if I do not know what is in the best interest of the wiki.

Mayonnaisinator (Talkcontribs)

Sorry for not responding to this Astora, I thought someone else already had.

I think our general idea, is that is definitely isn't necessary to have pages on each and every item or spell in URealms, because we would have an unending amount of work to do, and for most items and spells, the page would just be the same description on the card copied over.

However, we're thinking about implementing a 'Notable Spells' page that highlights spells that have lore to them (e.g. Fireball is the Spell of Shaving etc.) and for these spells we would link to this page instead of the website.

I personally think that most info about the schools of magic could go on their respective Dragon Aspect page, but we haven't discussed this, or eventually a Dragon could even die, which might make it weird to have the magic on their page. At the moment however, I'd say there isn't enough in depth info for each school of magic to warrant its own page.

If items become a big enough lore point (like the Sun Keys), then they can have their own page I guess, but a standard Greatsword doesn't need a unique page.

Once again, sorry for not responding earlier, if you want, you could start working on the Notable Spells page with a few key spells.

Astora (Talkcontribs)

It's cool, bro. So basically "notable" items and spells that are relevant and important to the universe or whatever? I see what you're saying with the Schools of Magic, but I do think we will eventually need to make pages for them. I guess we can wait until then, though. We aren't in a rush or anything. :P

Thank you for your reply.

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