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Petertwnsnd (Talkcontribs)

Does anybody now the source of some of this trivia?

How do we know "Elves and Porcs think Goblin are delicious to eat"? It should probably say

"(Specific characters) said that Goblin are delicious to eat"

Were we told the reason Warren and Terrance aren't in the Tambok show was specifically because they were goblins, or could it be because they were conjoined or another reason.

Mayonnaisinator (Talkcontribs)

I think the reason for Terrence and Warren being excluded from the show was because they were Goblins, so that's correct. I think Cain definitely said something about Goblins being tasty, but wasn't there also something that the Elves in Porc Hunters said, or am I making that up?

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Gilbert the Godfrey (Talkcontribs)

The new Companion Card says that Gobolfs are not Goblins, but Elves.[1] Hence, I moved Gobolfs from Goblins to Elves.

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