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Kaskaii (Talkcontribs)

Since a lot of cards have been changed and added in season 2 I'm on my own page busy with making the same system we have for the treasure cards with the new Item cards.

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Psymid (Talkcontribs)

I guess i'll work on all the new item cards in the card creator until we get actual official cards. This'll take some work. Oh boy.

Tdis8629 (Talkcontribs)

As pointed out in this topic, it is better to wait for revisions and official release before we start adding the new cards.

Psymid (Talkcontribs)

not to sound like an ass, but im kind of doing it for my own convenience more than anything. Also, i would be egar to go back and correct anything that isn't up to date as soon as possible :0

Psymid (Talkcontribs)

Also, are videos and info from rob "official"?

Tdis8629 (Talkcontribs)

Technically, yes. As long as it is on stream/caught on film during the campaign, it is usually considered canon. However*, the way I currently view the updated cards viewed in the BSQ sidequest is as a "maintenance" run, or gaining a general idea of how the cards may need to be tweaked. As such, the S1 cards are the current "stable" cards, where they have been more or less fleshed out. Also, we do not have the newer assets, such as the companion layout, available to us at the moment, which would only add more overhead when we revise/update everything.

*The thoughts of this editor do not reflect the general belief of the moderators/administrators as a whole.

IronClark (Talkcontribs)

I second Tdis on this, until Rob releases the card assets for the beginning of Season 2, we should keep what we have.

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