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Proliks (Talkcontribs)

Just made a page dedicated to finding all the dead players of Urealms Called "Graveyard" (WIP) and would love if anyone would like to help improve the page

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MrMe (Talkcontribs)

Is there a way to see fan made cards, if not can you make that possible?

Pillowkeeper (Talkcontribs)

The wiki is not the place to post fan made cards, it is only for official material. If you would like to post and see other cards check out

MrMe (Talkcontribs)

One more question on when you make a card is it possible to submit those somehow?

Mayonnaisinator (Talkcontribs)

There actually isn't a great place to submit/host fan cards at the moment. I believe the reddit isn't allowing fan submissions at the moment, as it would just be spammed with so many cards, and there also isn't any official part of the site where they can be. For the moment, you can create your fan cards and share them within your groups of friends privately, but there may be plans to have an official forum, and a special section for fan cards, sometime in the future.

RiceWaffleFox (Talkcontribs)

There are indeed plans in the works for an official forum, as Rob has stated multiple times over the past several months. And, as most forums do, it is likely to have a fanworks section (fan campaigns, fan cards, etc). If I had to guess, the only reason there isn't forums already is the same reason that Coe's Quest and other things haven't been going on for a while: Season 2 is taking up a lot of the crew's time, and they can't push other things out quite as fast.

MrMe (Talkcontribs)

Thanks for this info it's just that I wanted to submit one before I forgot or just didn't care any more, I have a short attention span I get bored of things pretty fast.

MrMe (Talkcontribs)

Just thought of something what if when you do make the fan submitted cards and when a new card is going to be chosen, what if you have a random button which aloes you to chose a type of card and it shows you guys 5 fan made card from that category instead of rummaging through a ton of cards.

MrMe (Talkcontribs)

fan submitted cards *page* doesn't make sense when I didn't write page.

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