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Pillowkeeper (Talkcontribs)

So now that we have an idea of what Coe's Quest is going to be like, do you guys think that we should host information for it on the wiki? Personally, I think that because it is part of the UR Universe we should include it. Just wanted to ask around before I set up the pages.

IronClark (Talkcontribs)

Its part of the universe, everything is set up to easily include the series. I say lets do it. We should have a seperate Mob Box for Coe and Roamin though, as they wouldnt have stamina and the like.

IronClark (Talkcontribs)

I am going to go ahead and begin the proccess of making pages, but if we decide that they deserve to not be here, we can remove it.

PS: I am mainly starting to do this since I have the information very fresh in my head, and I want to get it down before the VOD is deleted.

Plornt (Talkcontribs)

Anything that is not immediately obvious as part of Coes Quest can we title with "CQ_" at the front of the name of the article please. Just makes it easier to not have conflicting names (unless someone has a better idea). Of course if they are talking about the same character/location/whatever as URLive, since its been confirmed its canon then there is no reason not to link/use the existing page.

I quickly added episodes and character to the sidebar under Coes Quest so we have a couple of quick links directly to it. Feel free to let me know what to change about them or if they should exist not separate to the URLive stuff.

IronClark (Talkcontribs)

I think CQ infront of characters may not look as well. Perhaps something like "Joe Blow (Coe's Quest)" if there is an unrelated "Joe Blow" in URealms? And of course have it sepereated by categories as well?

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