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Do these characters really need a page?

Jack Ironhide (Talkcontribs)

So the characters Wanda and Shelia got a page but do they really need one? There isn't a lot of information on them and I feel it would make more sense if they were on the list of minor characters instead.

IronClark (Talkcontribs)

No they do not need their own page, there is about as much informaiton about them as there is of Harold Stonemason.

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Petertwnsnd (Talkcontribs)

Is the name of the campaign "Wood Carvers" or "Woodcarvers"? The title card spells is as two separate words, but the video spells it as one word. Just keep in mind the title card has has misspellings in the past.

Petertwnsnd (Talkcontribs)

I decided to it change due to the video and the donation events spelling it without a space.

Pillowkeeper (Talkcontribs)

Great! Completely agree, sorry for any problems that came up because of this.

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