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Tambok's Special Friend Show.png
RaceDivine Being
Capable of SpeechUnknown
Campaigns Tambok's Special Friend Show
Tambok Sixelona.png

Tambok is a mysterious character and owner of the Tambok's Special Friend Show that appears to happen outside of the continuity of URealms Live.


All that is really known about him is that he "lives in a city where it doesn't matter if you are alive or dead, as long as you have a story about you."


Tambok appears to be a giant elven frog.


Den of Devils[edit]

An Avatar of Tambok appeared in front of the Adventurers exploring the Dragon Den, freezing time and most of the explorers. Nisovin told the explorers who were not frozen that they had to kill it, but didn't tell them why and didn't help. Although Jebediah and Lunk were close to killing the Avatar, they stopped short of doing it right as the Avatar faded out of existence as time resumed. Nisovin then told the explorers that if they had successfully killed the Avatar, they would've each received a Tambok Ticket.

Tambok's Special Friend Show[edit]

To get into Tambok's Special Friend show you need a Tambok Ticket which can be found everywhere around the world and are made of paper and look quite crummy as if a child made them. They have a drawing of a frog on them and some writing on them as well as dyslexic writing at the bottom (writing that doesn't know what letter it is so changes all the time).

Those invited to the show currently include:

Those who were invited to the show but later removed for various reasons:


  • Rob stated in the Behind the Scenes of The Zarlin Catacombs that Tambok is a divine being. The canonicity of this statement has not been established yet.