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This article is about Tambok's Special Friend Show. For information about the Divine Being, see Tambok.

The Tambok Special Friend Show is a show that will supposedly occur during a campaign in the future. If a player holds a Tambok Ticket at the end of the campaign, they add one character from the URealms Live universe, whether they are alive or dead. Multiple characters who share the same body or form may only be selected if the player has a ticket for each individual character. Nothing is known about the campaign or the show aside from Rob's statement: "Tambok lives in a city where it doesn't matter if you are alive or dead, as long as you have a story about you."

Requirements for a character to be added to the show[edit]

In order for a character to be added to the Show, a player must reach the end of a Campaign with a Tambok Ticket intact. Meaning that, while carrying said Ticket, a character cannot be hit by a Critical at any point in the campaign or the ticket is destroyed. At the end of the Campaign, the GM will ask which character from any campaign the player with the Ticket would like to add. However, there are certain restrictions to adding a character to the Show.

The character must not be:

  • a Divine Being
    • It has been stated by Rob that Tambok is a Divine Being in The Zarlin Catacombs Behind the Scenes video. He further explains that for example Glamourous the Glamourshark cannot be in Tambok's Special Friend show because they are both Divine Beings, and Tambok cannot put another divine being in the show, theoretically because he isn't powerful enough to.
  • a Dragon
    • Probably for the same reason as Divine Beings.
  • a Goblin
  • Weak
    • Vaguely said by Rob to be the reason that Don and Albert can not be part of the show.

Note: Do not confuse this list for an official list of rules, it is merely a summary of the decisions and statements made by Rob.


Current Characters in the Show[edit]

Tambok's Special Friend Show
Character Added By Campaign they were added in
Fenrus Roamin The Sunswords
K-4 Justin The Unseen Rogues [1]
Bob Justin Okagnoma Guild Hall* [2]
Vanessa Coestar Okagnoma Guild Hall* [3]
Rafeal Coestar Okagnoma Guild Hall* [4]
Cain Deadbones Okagnoma Guild Hall** [5]
??? Roamin Okagnoma Guild Hall***
??? Roamin The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One***
??? Coestar Unexpected Discovery***

*Note: these characters were added in Okagnoma Guild Hall character creation as a result of characters previously entered being removed from the show.

**Note: Deadbones had his ticket destroyed when his character Zankovich critically failed in Woodcarvers, however Rob decided that critical fails should not destroy tickets and so Deadbones got to add a character in character creation of Okagnoma Guild Hall.

***Note: Rob revealed in the Den of Devils character creation that entries to Tambok's Special Friend Show would be done at the start of Season 3.

***Note: At one point Rob said in The Sunswords that 20 tickets would need to be collected before Tambok's Special Friend Show would begin.

Characters that were barred entry from the Show[edit]